1. Overall, Netflix is mostly used by younger people, up to 40 years old. Actually, the average Netflix consumer is a 35 years old woman, with an income of up to $75,000.

As I see it, the lifestyle of a Netflix consumer is defined by comfort and commodity. Nowadays, going to a DVD rental store can take a lot of time and effort from the consumer, and might not even find the movie he was looking for. Actually, they idea of online DVD renting came to the CEO’s mind, based on his own experience had with a rented DVD, what he forgot to turn in, and misplaced it somewhere. He had to pay a 40$ charge for the delay, and on the way to the gym, he thought “Why it can’t be like at the gym, to pay $30-$40 per month and train as much as you want during that month” So probably this criteria defines the lifestyle of an average Netflix consumer. The AIO’s (activity, interest, opinion) of a Netflix consumer should be mostly “staying home” activities, such as watching tv, reading, chatting etc and they should be interested in movies of course, as this is the main product sold by Netflix. IN order to create a clear Psychographic of a consumer, we should consider the service first of al, then the product itself.

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The products sold by Netflix are pretty common and can be found anywhere, but the way it is delivered makes the difference. In order to develop an effective advertisement company, creating an accurate psychographic profile is imperative nowadays. Having so many products and services on the market, any little thing can make the difference. So, defining the ideal costumer for a business could be the most important key to success. For example, Netflix would never be able to sell its services to someone who doesn’t have internet, or is not interested in having internet. 2.

In my opinion, young singles and newlyweds would have a way too active life to serve as target for Netflix, same as young couples without children. The problem with households with teenagers is, that usually, parents cannot keep teenagers next to them, is hard to set up common activities, because of the teenagers being anxious or difficult at those times. Therefore, I would go for the option of marries couples with children, due to their complete family life, and the tradition of setting up all kind of activities involving the entire family. The main reason why Netflix would appeal for this segment, is that, they wouldn’t have to leave the house in order to have access to certain movies, which would be a huge advantage for them, time-wise. It is hard to leave alone a child or to carry him around for such issues. During the ad campaign I would focus on attracting their attention towards Netflix services, especially the home delivery of the product, and to point out why exactly they would need this.

I would certainly enforce in their mind the idea of sparing time and the opportunity to create great occasion for a family reunion for a movie night for example. 3. Since Netflix introduced the online streaming of TV series, the amount of Science Buff type of consumers has increased significantly. As they are more inclined towards this field, the multitude of TV series, such as Stargate, Dr.House, CSI, Star Trek etc helped a lot in attracting this market segment.

Besides these TV Series, documentaries can be found as well which is another good completion to this feature. When Netflix introduced the Streaming into their business, it was a real breakthrough, and differentiated them from their main competitor at that time, Still, since this particular group of people is pretty limited unfortunately, and most of them are either youngsters or intellectuals, who are not willing to pay that much like an average person, without a clear vision of value/price, the main segment remains the average consumer, interested in the basic commercial programs.