New changes to our school lunch programs

Ever wonder why you as a student of why you as a parent of a student have been complaining or head complaining about there school lunches. Well there are reasons for that just like everything else in this world. The USDA changed new standards for the school lunch program to try to lower obesity in the United States public school systems. I’m going to tell about 3 main points that I would like to inform everyone about , from the articles of New York times , Reuter and MSN news. How and why this change came about , how much I cost , and whdidnt’t us teens or kids in school have a say .

How and why this big change came to the schools of America, well 32 million kids participate in school lunch programs everyday. Everyday there is a child that becomes or is diagnosed with obesity so Michelle Obama and they USDA took in charge they started by reducing starchy foods like potatoes and prohibited schools from counting a small amount of tomato paste on a slice of pizza as a vegetable. Before there counted as 1 whole serving of vegetables. To me that does not measure up to a nice enjoyable bowl of peas and corn . The new program provides double the amount of fruits and vegetables children are served in school and all grains served ad whole grains. Its the first change in 15 years tot his program .

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the government states that this will add 3.2 billion dollars to the 11 billion program . How it happened the child obesity rate has doubled , kids every day are spending more time inside with video games then outside exercising . How much it cost . By the end of adding all the changes up , the ending cost will be $32,011,000,000 reasoning for this Tom Vilsack quotes ” Improving the quality of the school meals is a critical step in building a healthy future for our kids ” . the school and taxes don’t have to pay for all this the USDA gives school districts money to spend on food and meals for there school through $18 billion school program.