New Communication Strategy

Research has proved that effective communication alone has a positive effect on customer satisfaction with services. This will, therefore, have a positive impact on future inspection ratings and future progress. Communication is an important tool in driving forward change, both cultural and procedural. The Communication Strategy is separated into two sections; External Communication, and Internal Communication.Primark is one of the leading retail group of Uk.

Primark has almost 200 stores across Ireland, the UK, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Portugal. Primark follows a focused approached on delivering effective communication to their staff, partners, board Members, suppliers and customers. There are a number of ways that Primark can communicate to its customers and employees including: Letters, attending events , website , emails and advertising etc.Their Communication Strategy aims to ensure that Primark communicates in the most effective ways, which will lead to improvements in the way their service is delivered. Responsibility for the strategy lies with the Communication and Media Manager, whose role it is to coordinate the public relations, marketing, website and design functions to ensure they are consistent and effective. Primark is rapidly expanding their network particularly in UK.

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Primark’s business growth comes from meeting these customer needs whilst continuing to expand stores and move into the market.As a result the administration staff had to spend most of their time dealing with the processing documents so a new communication strategy and needs to be planned and implemented to tackle the appropriate internal and external communication of primark. TASK 1. 1 What do people use communication to do in organizations? They communicate to accomplish professional tasks, certainly. As they do so, they also communicate to manage their interpersonal identities, their roles, as well as the character of their relationships with others (Clark and Delia 1979, Graham et al.

1980. ) The communication method practised within primark is ainly paper based communication (Fax, Posts, Memo) which they further transformed into electronic mode (email). These methods of written communication playing a vital role in the whole communication process. The information and awareness sent through posts and emails are fairly effective. The senior management put forward their ideas or changes they want to see in the form of instructions to middle management level and the managers convey the concerned ideas to lower management (supervisors, sales assistants) in the form of tasks and assignments to be completed via post , memo , newsletters and emails.

From this, we define internal transparency to be an outcome of communication behaviours within an organization that reflects the degree to which employees have access to the information requisite for their responsibilities. Data took many forms, ranging from the e-mails between project members over the six-month period, operational, financial, and strategic planning company records, website data, working notes from project meetings and presentations. participative problem solving meetings.The communication of primark network is concerned with feelings for self, associates, and work, and is directly related to the organizational goal of employee morale. It is indirectly linked to institutionalization, which involves acceptance of the organization by non-members such as community and governmental units. It is manifested by supportive and self-maintaining behavior that ranges from informal status symbols to highly visible rewards and elements of self- realizationand human fulfilment.

Task 1. 2What do people use various communication media to do in organizations? Answers to this question are somewhat less clear, as research has suggested that computer- mediated communication-electronic mail and computer conferencing-may have undesirable effects in some types of interactions. Some investigations of computer- mediated communication (CMC) suggest that such systems, due to their limited band- width, impede or alter aspects of communication in such a way that CMC is inferior to face toface (FTF) interpersonal communication.Several studies which surveyed users (or potential users) concluded that the relational tone associated with CMC makes it less suitable for purposes where “rich” communication is needed (e. g. , Hollingshead et al.

1993; Rice 1984, 1993) to be selective in our choice of media to fulfill certain communication goals, some would leave CMC for only unambiguous or unemotional information exchanges. For Primark, adoption of electronic office approach from paper based environment was a key step but despite this effective change Primark had to face several difficulties and barriers.First and foremost there was a lot of data to be looked at which was very time consuming, Secondly the irrelevant information was prevailing with in the workforce which caused unnecessary workload and lack of interest. Moreover the hectic workload and lack of interest made the employees less committed and motivated towards the growth of the company. Task 1. 3 Poor communication does account for a multitude of workplace woes– including interpersonal conflict, wasted money and effort, poor productivity, legal exposure, low morale and high turnover– but the types and causes of communication problems vary as widely as their impact.

Some difficulties will arise because of ineffective relationships and information flow between managers and the employees they supervise. Other problems are endemic to the organization itself, either caused by a breakdown in communications by management to employees, or the lack of the proper systems and infrastructure to enable effective exchange of information. Here are some tips which can help sorting out the problem of communication with in Primark. Personal contact In this age of electronic communication, far too many managers use email as a substitute for personal interaction.Personal contact is key to interpreting a person’s character and reactions and establishing commonality often choose to “manage by email”– even when workers are in offices a few steps away.

Establish Clarity When you give instructions or discuss a business situation, do not assume that everyone understands you. Ask whether you have been clear or if further information or explanation is necessary. Give Meaningful feedback Performance evaluation is a valuable communications tool, do not limit feedback to a once-a-year event.Provide continuing, constructive, on-the-job evaluations focusing on situations as they arise, while they are still fresh in everyone’s memory. Do not forget to highlight the positive as well as the negative. Find the time.

It is easy to forget that an important part of a manager’s job is managing. It is important to carve time out of your schedule for regular one-on-one and group employee meetings. Task 2. 1 When it comes to external communication of Primark for that matter, any aspect of the business, the most important thing is the customer.They need to ensure that they deliver what the customer wants.

Even when it comes to things like marketing or advertising, they need to show what the customer appreciates and likes. Different customers accept different kinds of marketing. It all depends on organization to ensure that via business communication, they are able to cater to the choices of a wide range of people. If you are able to master the art of impressing many people by various means, they will be able to take your business to the top.Primark uses the following tools of communication to liaise with its customers , suppliers and vendors.

Facsimile This is an exact copy of the message. A fax machine will allow the transmission of a copy of written or graphical information via the telephone network. Faxes are being used increasingly in business todays era. Telephone Today the telephone system is based on state of the art electronics and it is possible to communicate directly to people in all parts of the world. Letters Business letters are the most widely used form of external written communication.

They can be sent to customers, suppliers and to any other individual or business associated with the firm. They have the clear advantage of providing a written copy of the message for both the sender and receiver, which can be stored either as a hard copy in a filing system. Internet The internet is very useful in a business. It can be used for customers wanting to purchase goods from a computer connected to the internet. By using the internet it is also possible to contact businesses via email for specific information.

Task 2. 2Much of your external communication is in the form of correspondence. The correspondence will be of little value unless you have an effective way of keeping track of the information and ensuring that it gets to the ultimate users. You should develop controls to ensure that information gets to and from the people who will benefit the most from it. Primark has more than 200 stores in UK. it may need to convey issues to receivers and stakeholders in many different areas.

These issues could include legal matters, complaints and discussions, as well as disputes.Many customers or suppliers may not have access to a computer and might not understand the communications technologies that are being used. For some, English might not be their first language. Although Primark has implemented CRM systems to focus on customers, several clients are still dissatisfied with its execution. They term CRM as “technology that delays” or “stops service”.

For instance, lots of them find automated voice systems (or Interactive Voice Response) as a big headache and look for other retailors which have eased its use.Another barrier to effective external communication is its slow complaint dealing process, because of large number of complaints and queries received every single day and the lesser number of the employees to deal with those complaints, it is obvious that the customers will not be satisfied with the service they are getting and as a result they start looking for the other options. Moreover the delay in passing on the message to vendors and suppliers (as Primark outsource most of its product line from south asia particulary india and Bangladesh) may result in late supply of production goods and materials. Task 2. The external environment in which businesses operate is continually changing. Businesses must respond to these changes to remain competitive and continue to meet the needs of their customers.

Primark communication can be made more effective and efficient by Utilizing mainstream and non-traditional tools to improve communication with suppliers venders and customers. Infuse training for workplace communication with tips on verbal, written, presentation, negotiation and other customary skills. Take workplace communication training to a higher level by elevating their standards when communicating with customers.E-mail, intranets, faxes, voice mail. They’re fine for accelerating the transfer of factual information. But when your communication involves any emotion-such as the expressing of different opinions-a face-to-face meeting is by far the best bet, with a traditional, interactive, phone conversation a distant second choice.

to know. Why is face-to-face communication so important? As we get more efficient at communicating facts electronically, we tend to forget how much emotion we convey through body language and voice tone.Experts on sales techniques suggest that you talk with prospective customers at the same rate of speech that they talk with you, because people usually like to listen at the same speed that they talk. Similarly, I find that different people have different preferred methods of communication and that people often send messages by the way they like to receive messages. Some people prefer to communicate in person; others leave a lot of voice-mail messages; others use e-mail; others use memos; others, maybe the company intranet. Task 3.

1Organizational communication consists of various message sending and receiving phenomena affecting formal social units in which individuals work toward common goals. However, organizational communication should be construed as including all behavior-modifying stimuli, both verbal and nonverbal. Therefore, organizational communication is concerned with most of the specialized disciplines related to human communication, i. e. , interpersonal communication, small-group communication, information systems, mass communication, and nonverbal communication.Primark will have to adopt a new communication strategy to ensure the future growth and prosperity of the business.

Here are some actions which should be taken for that reason. Encourage innovation in business Excellent performance in this area results in being able to: • ensure that there is a well-communication strategy that fits with the overall vision of the business • Motivate people across the business to identify ideas for new products or services • Ensure that resources, particularly time, are made available for idea generation, development and testing of ideas evaluate business cases and plans, approve those that appear viable and monitor their progress. DEVELOP A FRAMEWORK FOR COMMUNICATION Primark should develop a framework for internal and exernal communication that describes employees and customers that how the organisation intends to market its products. PROMOTE TECHNOLOGY IN THE BUSINESS Primark has to make sure that their business has the latest communication technologies that their business need to compete with other retailers. They also have to make sure that they use this technology to get the best out of it. TASK 3.

2The most difficult thing about the implementation of a strategy is how you communicate it down to the working level within the organisation. Too often, the people who are actually doing the work think, “Strategy doesn’t mean anything to me, so I’ll ignore it and keep doing my thing the way I’m doing it. ” Primark’s Top managers should be prepared to examine the overall communication performance system as well, taking the lead to demonstrate that the need for balance between strategic and operational objectives will be resolved. Employees must also be motivated and committed to change.Every strategic player, internally and externally, should understand “what does this mean for me? ” When communication is handled appropriately, it helps every employee develop the motivation needed to align his or her own actions and priorities with the strategy.

Typically, a top team chooses to consult with internal and/or external professionals in communications and public relations. The next key thing in implementing the new communication strategy is keeping everyone informed and involved. This is a constant cycle every day, week to focus on through every change.Bringing people in for personal involvement will give them feeling of ownership of the change. Working behind closed doors and bringing out the end result is a sure way to surprise and cause a tough battle to overcome inertia. How you manage through change does greatly influence the success or failure.

It is also important that people responsible for planning and implementing new communication strategy understand their responsibilities. A proper channel of workforce should be created in departments so that the complaints and request be dealt by the right person on the right time.It will not only get rid of the unwanted data being sent to irrelevant person but also the customer will be satisfied by the service provided. Identifying strategies for achieving the vision is also important and communicate them to everyone involved. It is also necessary that the progress should be communicated to everyone involved and celebrate achievement. It will also help in enhancing the motivation of the employees.

Task 3. 3 How can you be sure you’re communicating effectively? We are going to talk about some ways to guarantee that your communication strategy does its job.We will discuss the importance of evaluation and feedback in maintaining a good communication strategy, and provide some tips on making sure that evaluation is built into your strategy from the ground up. Team Meetings Team meetings should be conducted on a regular basis to evaluate the effectiveness of the communication strategy. The evaluation of the communication strategy should include how well the strategy is being followed and whatever progress has been made on achieving the strategy’s objectives.

If the communication strategy is being followed but progress toward company goals is not being made, the communication strategy may need to be changed. Feedback The International Development Research Centre notes that communication is a two- way process. Gathering feedback helps evaluate the communication strategy and determine any changes that are needed. Social Media One of the newest tool to evaluate communication strategies of a firm is social media. This encompasses sites such as Twitter, Facebook, websites and blogs.In today’s wired world, it is deemed essential to have a social media presence. Primark IT professionals assist in creating and maintaining a social media presence that is in accordance with the style of retail business. Monitoring vs Evaluation Monitoring and evaluation of communication strategies will provide Primark with a mean to learn from past experience, improve interventions, allocate resources, and demonstrate results. Within the retail market there has been a strong push to focus on results, yet there is often confusion about how to measure the impact of programs and interventions.The tools of monitoring and evaluation offer a solution and include the following: Formal surveys, Performance indicators and Impact evaluation etc.

CONCUSION Focusing the efforts of the Effective communication function within a functional strategy, linked to the enterprise strategy, will assist in proving its contribution to organisational effectiveness. In order to formulate corporate communication strategy, Primark will need to understand the business and societal issues that the organisation is facing and be expert in using communication to help remove barriers to success.They can maximize their wealth by changing communication attitudes. and by following the new communication strategy they can take their business to a higher level. In the words of Robert Love (2002:18): “To add value we need to look at how we canaddress business problems with communication solutions…. communication is expected to get more involved in the development of business strategy, public policy and positioning.

“REFEENCES (Clark and Delia 1979, Graham et al. 1980. ) (e. g. , Hollingsheadet al. 993; Rice 1984, 1993) (Robert Love 2002:18): TABLE OF CONTENT Intrduction 1.

1 Existing methods of internal communication 1. 2 Barriers in internal communication 1. 3 Overcoming internal communication barriers 2. 1 Existing methods of external communication 2. 2 Barriers in external communication 2. 3 Overcoming external communication 3.

1 New communication strategy 3. 2 Implementation of new communication strategy 3. 3 Measurement of new communication strategy Conclusion References