New Jersey teens found dead after crash into elementary school

On Thursday February 3rd, a staff member starting out as a normal day at work was shocked to see a vehicle had crashed into the side of Pine Beach elementary school at about 6:45a.m. The Vehicle was found nose down in a vertical position containing three dead teens; Matthew Budesa(20), Kimberly Van Gorden(20), Matthew Witzgall(21).

Authorities said that the victims were unidentified when police arrived. The morning of the crash drugs, which at least some were pills, were found in the Hyundai according to Thursday morning, authorities would not comment on whether they suspect drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash, or how fast they believe the vehicle was traveling, although drugs were found inside. Recent autopsies on Budesa and Van Gorden have concluded that they each died of multiple traumatic iNJuries, while the autopsy on Witzgall is pending.

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Although there were no skid marks found near the scene, authorities believe that the car was traveling at high speed. An investigation on the acceleration of the car is being conducted. The relationship between the three victims are not clear, although the police are still investigating. Who: Matthew Budesa(20), Kimberly Van Gorden(20), Matthew Witzgall(21) What: crash into NJ elementary school Where: pine beach elementary school When: Thursday February 3rd 2011 Why: unknown How: drove car at great speed without stopping into elementary school