Why Do Teens Doze Off In School?

One day on a tuesday morning, all the students were in homeroom and a student named Justin was doing his work and a student named Brandon called Justin and he looked up and said “huh? what?” and Brandon called him again and Justin was responsive again and Brandon asked his question.

This got me thinking, why do kids doze off in school? Day dreaming has been a problem for many years in students all over the world. Most teens have all these fancy electronics that they use when they get in bed and they do not When you’re at school and the teacher calls on you what do you do? do you answer the question or are you in that other world day dreaming? Teens should be getting about 8-9 hours of shuteye every night and a majority get about 6-7. This is a big problem because moms and dads when they tell their child to go to bed and the lights go out, the screen doesn’t make a difference in light to be noticed by the child’s parents even if it is, the brightness on the electronic device can be adjusted to fit the lighting in the room. In the morning when the child gets up and goes to school they could be tired or they just try to stay awake in class as the teacher teaches their lesson. If the teacher calls on a sleepy student they are unresponsive and ask for the question to be repeated. Kids love their electronics and it is ok to use them just don’t let it interfere with the school work.

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Ways to stop this dozing off in school. One way is setting a time for the child, such as all electronics off 30 minutes before bedtime and plug in and have the electronic device put away till the morning. The second way is to set boundaries for the child. Only use the electronics on the weekends or for 4 hours after school. If teens follow these guidelines, There would not be as many problems with kids dozing off in school.