Cyberbullying's Negative Affect on Society and Teens

Anyone can have the guts to be mean when someone is behind a computer screen. This is why cyberbullying is a big concern to society today, especially with all the uses of technology.

Cyberbullying is a huge issue that needs to come to an end. To the bullies, they just think it’s a computer game and they are pushing buttons without even realizing the damage that the are doing. Students who commit cyberbullying should be suspended from school because it causes teenagers to feel disinterested in school and it causes teen suicide. Cyberbullying in our society is one of the main causes of teen suicide. Bullying through physical intimation has long been occurring in most schools, but throughout the years, cyberbullying has become more common in our society.

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Sixty-nine percent of teenagers own a phone and use social media, and out of that sixty-nine percent, twenty percent are cyberbullied and think about suicide. From 2007 to 2015 alone, suicide rates doubled among teen girls and by more than 30 percent among teen boys. Being cyberbullied not only affects a teens high school experience, but it also affects their minds and health. Cyberbullying is more problematic than traditional bullying because it can happen anytime from anywhere, and it can be done anonymously. When being a victim of cyberbullying, a teen can feel scared, overwhelmed, vulnerable, powerless, exposed, and humiliated.

When addressing this problem, teen suicide rates will definitely decrease and teenagers lives at school and outside of school will hopefully become more enjoyable and less problematic. A victim of cyberbullying is prone to becoming disinterested in school and during school. Cyberbullying victims often have a higher rate of skipping school or class than non-bullied kids. Most kids who are cyberbullied skip school to avoid facing the kids bullying them or because they are embarrassed by the messages that were shared. The victim of cyberbullying will also show signs of a decrease in their grades.

This is usually due to the fact that they find it difficult to concentrate because of the anxiety and stress that bullying causes. In addition, some kids will drop out of school or lose interest in continuing their education after high school, such as going to college or getting a job. Cyberbullying can cause teens to become distracted or uninterested in school activities, school work, and their future education to come. Teenagers who commit cyberbullying should be suspended from schools to make sure this growing problem ceases. On the other hand, some people may think that suspension of the victim from school is out of hand and is unnecessary.

To many, if a teen is suspended from school, it could ruin their entire life ahead of them, in and out of school. To colleges and future jobs, suspension on a person’s record is an indication of misbehavior and they will most likely not accept that person. Although suspension may seem extreme, cyberbullying is even more severe, as people’s lives are at risk. Cyberbullying is the highest cause of teen suicide in the world, so suspending a person from school who is causing thousands of deaths is no big deal. Cyberbullying is a major concern taking place in almost every school in the world, but is anyone doing anything about it? As cyberbullying continues to occur frequently amongst most teenagers all across the world, nobody puts in any effort to prevent and stop it from ongoing.

If adults, mostly teachers and schools, continuously do nothing to stop this horrific problem, teenagers will remain depressed, anxious, and more and more teenagers will think about suicide. To solve this problem, schools should hold bullying and cyberbullying prevention programs to assure all students and teenagers the effects that could occur from it. Additionally, schools should advise all parents to monitor their children’s social media, if they have it, to be aware if any cyberbullying is taking place outside of school. On top of these two solutions, any student who has committed cyberbullying should be suspended, or even expelled, from school to confirm the problem at least temporarily stops.