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NewVoiceMedia Rolls Out Network-Based Automated Payment Services For Parcelforce Worldwide

28 September 2005 – LAVERSTOKE, UK: NewVoiceMedia today announced that it has begun to roll out a network-based automated credit and debit card telephone payment application to Parcelforce Worldwide depots in the UK.This is the second phase of a deal between Parcelforce Worldwide and NewVoiceMedia, under which NewVoiceMedia is providing a network-based inbound call handler service to all of the company’s 53 depots across the United Kingdom.The first phase of the deal was designed to improve Parcelforce Worldwide’s management of inbound calls by offering call queuing, overflow between depots, and by automating the handling of simple queries and transactions from customers, ensuring that Parcelforce Worldwide’s staff are more readily available to deal with complex issues.NewVoiceMedia The payment processing facility builds on the benefits of Phase 1, since a large proportion the 140,000 inbound calls per month to depots are from customers wishing to pay customs duties (charges) by card. The application will ensure that they are able to do so in a timely manner at a time to suit them.The payment processing service was first trialled in Parcelforce Worldwide’s Coventry depot, and is now being rolled out across the UK.Phase 1 of NewVoiceMedia’s application has already proved its worth in Parcelforce Worldwide’s business continuity planning, especially on 7 July 2005 when four suicide bombers struck in London.

Within one hour of the situation becoming clear, NewVoiceMedia was able to agree revised scripts for the affected London depots with Parcelforce Worldwide, have these recorded by a professional voice artist and operational on the relevant London depot numbers. These scripts advised customers of the emergency arrangements that were implemented and allowed customer calls to be overflowed to unaffected depots. (There would be no further deliveries in central London on that day, but, in some cases, the depots remained open for parcel collection. Emergency call overflow rules were also implemented for some depots.)Emma Bailey, Parcelforce Worldwide’s customer service policy manager said, “We are extremely pleased with the benefits that NewVoiceMedia has already delivered. This second phase of work further improve the service we can offer to our customers.

“Jonathan Grant, CEO of NewVoiceMedia said, “We are delighted that we have been able to work so closely with Parcelforce Worldwide in helping them reach their strategic goals in customer service.”

About Parcelforce Worldwide

Parcelforce Worldwide is a subsidiary of Royal Mail Group plc. Parcelforce Worldwide provides access to the world’s largest delivery network, covering more than 99.6% of the global population. Express services are available to 225 countries. Parcelforce Worldwide serves over 30,000 customers across the UK with a high quality service.

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About NewVoiceMedia

NewVoiceMedia offers a ground-breaking intelligent telephony solutions via PSTN and VoIP (SIP). It offers a high level of integration with customers’ IT infrastructure via a rich set APIs based on XML, CCXML and VoiceXML, as well as fully functional CTI. NewVoiceMedia offers its own call centre and call treatment application set as part of the platform.

Through its use of XML, NewVoiceMedia makes it easy, quick and cost-effective for telcos and systems integrators to develop their own tight integration at multiple points into enterprise customers’ existing IT systems.The list of customers already using NewVoiceMedia’s services include Addison Lee,, Numark Chemists, the BBC, Thus plc, Visa and many other major clients.For more information, visit contact: Graham Wilde BWCS Ltd +44 7990 593392 [email protected]