When contemplating ways to improve our English class, the question quickly became apparent, as to whether or not the amount of homework should be reduced. Briefly surveying fellow students, it became evident that most of the students are not happy with the amount of homework in our Englishclass. To improve this abysmal statistic, class policy should be changed so that there is no more than one writing assignment per week. This may seem drastic, but if you look at how it will improve the quality of our lives, you will see the wisdom of this plan of action.

Only having one writing assignment per week will improve the quality and quantity of our sleep and reduce stress. These two outcomes will help both our mental and physical health resulting in increased learning and productivity improving our English language mastery. First of all, assigning more than one writing assignment per week distracts students from getting enough sleep. Many students spend copious amounts of time doing multiple writing assignments, which requires them to stay up late, leading them to sleep deficiency. In talking to my friends, it became apparent that we each averaged four hours of sleep when multiple writing assignments are given.

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Lack of sleep can make students unable to study for other important tests that are coming soon, as well as limiting time available for other important homework, which helps students understand and master topics. Also, lack of sleep from doing excessive writing assignments can adversely affect students’ abilities to focus on other classes. According to Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, a brain scientist at University of California, lack of sleep distracts the brain from being able to efficiently store information, which may cause poor recollection and blunt critical thinking skills (Vilayanur). Not remembering information can make it difficult for students to be able to focus on a subject.

By not focusing in class, and not understanding the material, students can suffer from poor grades and their understanding of other subjects may be limited. Second of all, many students shoulder a lot of stress from numerous writing assignments, resulting in poor mental and physical health. This can result in students having social problems with friends due to irritability and fatigue. Once, I observed one of my friends getting mad easily. When asked about it later, he said he did not know why he was acting this way; however, he had spent the entire previous night writing a paper.

Stress can harm students’ physical health, leading to disorders such as high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety. These are serious disorders, which easily become chronic and life-changing, affecting all aspects of health, as well as quality of life and longevity. As you can see, limiting writing assignments to one per week will improve the quality of students’ lives by allowing for more and better sleep, as well as reducing stress, which improves overall health. This leads the students to a better understanding of the material, thus helping students to be more successful in English. Also, students will have a better mindset which helps them to better focus and improve their social life.

Fewer writing assignments will benefit students by allowing more time for much-needed sleep, as well as reducing stress and boosting mental health.