No One

Could you compare being poor and starving to being a friendless loser? Let’s say for example you are a friendless loser with almost no friends and everyone thinks you are that quiet girl who doesn’t speak and just sits there. Just sits there like a bump on a log, or a tumor in your brain. But that’s not right, not the second part at least. Tumors grow and grow and grow until they finally kill you. When you are the quiet girl you seem to shrink and shrink and shrink until you disappear, you are a benign tumor. You don’t matter enough to even be annoying.

You don’t matter so much that when the teacher calls out in class and asks everyone who isn’t their today no one tells him/her that you’re not there, because they never knew you were there to begin with. Would you rather be that person or the person with a bunch of friends who actually hate him/her? Isn’t it funny that everyone says it would suck to be that person who seems to be so popular but with no real friends. And that you are lucky to have the few good ones that you have. Well it seems to me that there aren’t many fake b****es with fake b*** friends. But there are thousands of those wallflowers who no one seems to notice.

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Those poor girls who don’t have anyone and seem to envy those few popular fake b***es. But, it turns out that the popular fake b**** isn’t fake or a b****. She is actually a genuinely nice person with pretty good friends. Unfortunately those girls seem to be just a little stuck up. Not so stuck up so that they will snob you to your face, but just enough so you have to notice that icy cold shoulder.

But it isn’t their fault that is just how it is. They can’t be seen with the quiet no one. Because she is no one and if you are talking to no one it is similar to talking to yourself. Not because in both situations no one will answer you back, but because both will cause you to be out casted a little yourself. So it is better to go with the crowd and ignore no one. Isn’t that funny…ignoring no one.

Because no one is nobody in particular, they are just the somebody who isn’t important, which makes them a nobody. And if you have “no body” then you are officially no one.