The two-faced people

Listening to people you think are your friends talk about you behind your back.

That kills me. I’ve heard so many people tell me that my friends said this and that about me so many times, and I can’t take it. Saying I can’t sing, I can’t play basketball, I can’t play soccer, and that I am stupid. How can somebody do that to someone you are supposed to be friends. I feel abandoned when my so- called friend does that. I’ve told you things that no one is supposed to hear.

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I’ve never even told my parents this stuff .Who I like, my dreams, my deep secretes, and what is going on in my household. You were my best friends, and this is how you slit our friendship. When you do it because one of the popular people laughed at it. When you do because the cutest guys in school talks to you because he thinks it’s funny or cute. True friends will be there forever, but people will leave you and try to hurt you.

The two faced friend is not your real one. If you didn’t notice that causes bullying, which causes depression ,which causes having to take pills, which cause overdose, which causes death, which causes you to have no one. Do you really want to do that? Stop being two-faced