Nordstrom train employees to prioritize making customer happy

Now a days good service have become the most important value that a company no matter the industry need to have, therefore the need of employees who really enact it in their daily work is really important and it is in this value where personality plays and enormous part; personality is that thing that define who you are and how you understand the world, they way you act in an specific situation will completely depend on your personality which is constantly shaping depending on the experiences you have during your life time.

Being this said an assessment tool, as an AMBIT will help you foresee how a person would perform In a specific Job with some specific needs and functions regardless of their studies. Note that sometimes this approach might mislead into assumptions of someone’s personality because of how it is perceived, the way we avoid the common errors of reception as first impression error, selective perception, stereotypes among others will succeed or disorientate the approach and will end up with no correct personality description which will mislead you into wrong conclusions. .

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Can a friendly, customer-oriented attitude be developed in person? Can Nordstrom “train” employees to prioritize making customer happy, or It Is purely a matter of personality? Yes it can be developed in a person, but it would depend on its personality how this skill will shine and if this value will be enacted. Something like service, which is customer-oriented attitude, will depend on how this person understand the world, how he communicate and what are his preferences.

Being this said, it is not something that depends whether on the training or in the personality, there has to be a smooth connection between both. Nordstrom for example does an incredible work by hiring people which personality allows them to perform great on their customer-oriented service, a skill they train into each of their employees and due to their personality It Is easily adapted and enacted since It Is felt natural. 3.

Describe the ideal Nordstrom salesperson in terms of the personality traits that are Involved In core sell-evaluation ( Warmhearted, conscientious, and cooperative. Wants harmony in the environment, works with determination to establish it. Likes to work with others to complete tasks accurately and on time. Loyal , follows through even in small matters. Notices what others need in their day-to-day lives and tries to provide it. Wants to be appreciated for who he or she is and for his or her contribution.