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Nordstrom Company

Nordstrom Company faces the problem of high level of costs, competition of foreign companies, and unconsidered geographical location of some of its stalls. High Costs The high costs incurred by Nordstrom Company are caused by the high level of customer satisfaction the company provides. However, the exceptional services that Nordstrom provides come at an extra cost. This increases product prices…

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Nordstrom is basically categorized to be among the leading departmental stores in America, along with JC Penny’s, Macy’s, and Sears. This paper attempts to analyze the Nordstrom Company, and how it began as a single shoe store in 1901 when it was started as a family-run enterprise by two Swedish immigrants. Since its inception, it has expanded into a large…

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Nordstrom: a Marketing Analysis

Over the years Nordstrom has created individual departments that focus on the individual lifestyles of the customers. The company nor only provides its customers with a wardrobe, but also a countless line of accessories, cosmetics, and fragrance. Over the past few years, the company has added new brands to its product line to satisfy its customer needs. In order to…

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Nordstrom Is a retail department store

Describe the characteristics it shares with other retailers of this type. Nordstrom Is a retail department store that carries a wide variety of shopping and specialty goods, including apparel, cosmetics, housewives, electronics, and furniture. Purchases are generally made within each department rather than at one central checkout area. Each department is treated as a separate buying center to achieve economies…

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Nordstrom has a strong Social Media presence

According to Amy Sprawling, Nordstrom has a strong Social Media presence. The company has accounts on Twitter, Pinsetters, Mainstream, and Faceable. They also offer information via blobs and an app. “6,800,000 other sites have linked to Nordstrom as of January 20, 2013… Nordstrom has 1 ,833,435 likes on Faceable… 163,872 people checked In to Nordstrom on Faceable” (Sprawling, 2013). Nordstrom…

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