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Education/Sociology Paper

1. Education historian David Labraee writes: “Key to the institutional success [of American public education] has been its ability to embrace and embody the social goals that have been imposed upon it.” Elaborate on this claim in light of the Jeffersonian, Common School, and Progressive Eras in American public education history. The success of any […]

The Chile Earthquake 2010

South America woke up to a powerful earthquake on the 27th day of February, 2010. The earthquake, which has gained wide acceptance as one of the most powerful to ever have occurred in all of history, had its epicenter off the Coast of the Chilean town of Pelluhue. The earthquake not only shook the foundations […]

Education Sector

Education sector poses to be a core pillar of development in various institutions and plays an integral role in influencing perpetual innovation in the society. However, the beneficial aspect of education is vested on the mode of system as well as environment deployed. Various educational systems have been introduced and are associated with both merits […]

The Change Project Essay

Write an essay in which you introduce your audience (the members of our class) to an issue of social, political, or cultural importance such as (social networking (Facebook Twitter) – or gun control –or global warming ..etc…) . Your essay should make and support a claim that argues why and how this issue should be […]

Education Leadership

The report card system is designed to communicate the learner’s performance during the educational process. Report cards are usually issued to the student or to the student’s parents twice or four times per year. Standards based report cards (SBRC) enable parents control the progress of their children towards the attainment of the already set objectives […]

The Champlain Canal

I) The Champlain Canal The Champlain Canal is one of the main canals that form the ‘New York State Canal System’. It runs from the Hudson River in the South, all the way to Whitehall at Lake Champlain in the North. The canal is estimated to be about 60 miles in length which translates to […]

Education in Japan vs

In all the different educational systems throughout the world, there are different views that are taught and seen; different ways that educational systems are run and paid for; these are all part of the educational system. Everyone is learning. Whether what they learn is accepted by others or not, they are pursuing a greater lifestyle. […]

The Challenge of Intangibles

Some examples of key data, as well as intangibles in software companies Intangible resources have a genuine value, and are particularly essential to a corporation’s success but are more difficult to evaluate and quantify than their material counterparts. These types of assets can be technology, consumer, or market-based resources (Metz 2008). Some examples of intangible […]

Education For Women In Modern Europe

Female education has been an issue amongst many communities in the world and had been met with a lot of critics as the women had been seen only as being good for housekeeping, bearing and rearing children and not for manly education based duties. Poverty and gender equality also makes the boy child be better […]

The CBRN Weapons

The choice of the best weapon to be developed in Kachakistan depends on the country’s resources and technological competency. This will ensure that the developed weapons will have the desired impact and will meet Kachakistan’s strategic goals. All things considered, it is critical to assess the advantages and disadvantages of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear […]

Education by Choice

The authors believe that the voucher system can sustain both the communist model of fairness and the democratic principles of freedom of choice and market competition. This comprehensive book summarizes the voucher proposal, which includes the Quality Choice Model (QCM). This would tolerate multiplicity in education, while guaranteeing each person equivalent power in picking schools. […]

The Cause and Effect

Persistence in the world has no substitute. According to Calvin Coolidge, the argument he pursued then was that there is nothing in this world that can replace the role of persistence I one’s life. He pointed out that there are unsuccessful men and women and thus talent cannot replace persistence. He also pointed out that […]

Educational Technology and the Impact on Student Achievement

“Increasingly central to the role of the new professional teacher is the ability to employ technology to improve student learning and to employ technology in the many facets of professional work. This will require new understandings, new approaches, new roles, new forms of professional growth, and new attitudes. NCATe (1997). The National Council for Accreditation […]

The Case of Contamination

Kwame Anthony Appiah in his article The Case for Contamination discusses three interconnected issues: cultural diversity, globalization, and ethical contemplation. The author describes two roles that religion plays within all these issues. This essay presents the opinion of Kwame Anthony Appiah regarding multiethnic unity expressed in the New York Times article The Case for Contamination. […]

Educational Psychology

A framework for an educational psychology of assessment for teaching and learning is proposed, consisting of three dimensions: epistemology and theories, the interpreter and user, and assessment characteristics. The dimension of interpreter and user is equal in importance to theory and assessments, responsive to cognitive constructivism and the construction of meanings and beliefs, as held […]

The Carlos Marcello Family

One of the endless lists in the world comprise of criminals. There has been continuous emergence of criminals throughout history with some having family background influence. In other words, it has been found that a number of criminals engage in such activities because of family structures and organization. One of the families which have received […]

Educational Inequality

All through history of America education has served very crucially in both the political and economic needs. The goals of education in America include: all children have access toll start school ready to learn, 90 percent increase in High school graduates, development of graduates who demonstrate competency in various areas, create a lead in mathematics […]

The Business Of Blogging: Garance Dore

Introduction Garance Dore is a 37-year old blogger, photographer and writer of Algerian and Italian descent. Dore’s blogging career was inspired by her desire to be an artist. Consequently, she quit her job as an assistant programmer and started drawing illustrations for art publications and magazines. The Growth of Dore’s Blogging Career However, she soon […]

Education essay

Education is a mechanism that systems put in place to enable people in the society to acquire skills and thus empower themselves in various aspects of life. Though there are many ways that one can acquire knowledge, the formal schooling method has been explored as the modern ways for instilling some essential skills to humanity. […]

The Black Panthers

African American studies refer to an interdisciplinary academic field that had an aim to the study of the history, culture and the politics of the African Americans. The African Americans refer to people who happened to have found themselves in the United States of America, either they were taken as slaves or they intentionally went […]

Educating the Exceptional Learner

This essay investigates the literature available on educating a child with autism. Autism is a neural disorder that manifests as poor social interaction and impaired communication. Usually, individuals with this condition exhibit repetitive and restricted behavior, as the disorder particularly affects the processing of information in the brain. Basically, it alters the manner in which […]

The Big Switch

Access to internet connectivity has facilitated faster access to information as well as global communication. The World Wide Web is giving us easy and cheap access to a lot of information; it is also changing the way people communicate with their colleagues. With the internet, Google, and Wikipedia at anybody’s call through tablets, laptops and […]

Educated Person

Introduction Education is a process of learning that leads to knowledge which is not only restricted to what we learn in textbooks in school but also involve what is learn in contemporary life as one do his/her own chores. It is a continuous life process. Education goes beyond the walls of the school whereby the […]

The Benefits of Fostering Employee Empowerment

Employee empowerment is a concept that has been utilized by organizations to enhance their productivity. By definition, employee empowerment refers to the process through which employees are given the ability to think, act, behave, react and gain control of their work in an autonomous manner (Emerson, 2012). Although some organizations realize the importance of employee […]


Dyslexia is also called developmental reading disorder is a condition that happens when the human mind fails to recognize, and process certain words properly. It occurs when the brain stops interpreting language. However, it does not alter a person’s thought processor does if affect their conception of complex ideas. In fact, dyslexics have normal levels […]

The App Effect

The authors of app effect book argue that people’s behaviors are changing with advances in mobile and social technologies. They further contend that organizations have to respond to these changes. It is clear once an individual or organization fails to advance with technology it drugs behind and my even collapse. On this book, the authors […]

Do Not Hesitate To Study Abroad

There are many students who are studying abroad. Most countries around the world send or receive students from other nations that have the intention of gaining education in a different environment, with a better approach and quality. There are questions if it is actually the excitement of traveling that makes students study abroad or just […]

The American Indian Wilderness

Every author intends to achieve a particular purpose in writing a particular text for his audience. However, the way he/she presents arguments determines the effect of the message being conveyed on the target audience. Louis Owens has mastered the art of delivering his message by making readers associate with his experience and slowly driving his […]

Does America Value Education

American values understand that in order for learners to succeed in life, they must obtain and excel in quality education. However, the value of education in United States seems to be deteriorating with time. The power of parents to control their children’s education has been taken away entirely by the government. Government bureaucrats, as well […]

The American Banking Policies

There was a tremendous growth and development in the American financial sector in 20th century as the overall economy shifted from fiscal to monetary policy.The government has an independent US government agency known as the Federal Reserve System (Fed). This was founded by the United State government in the year 1913 to monitor and strengthen […]