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Smoking ought to be totally prohibited worldwide. As a result of this addictive habit, millions of people all over the world die annually. As The World Bank (2003) informs, not only is smoking the death cause for over 4 million people each year, but also by 2030, this number is forecasted to increase up to 10 million (p. 1). The…

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The Shareholder’s Wealth

The firm’s responsibility fall within pure economic terms in the definition. Friedman (1990) conceptualised the maximization of the shareholder’s wealth as the solitary aim and duty of a properly run firm. However, according to Wartick & Cochran, (1985) any resources of the firm useful on social responsibility are usually at the expense of the shareholders. There have been arguments against…

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Smart Textiles

Abstract Textile refers to material close to every human being and to which every person has a relationship. It is a natural technology carrier. This means that, with electronics and basing on this, there is always an immense desire to continue improving the applications of these textiles. The evident convergence between electronic components in today’s world and advanced fibers with…

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The Service Sector

The service sector is defined as the portion of the economy that provides intangible goods. The service sector per see is one of the sectors in the economy a country cannot do without since it involves a wide range of activities that are a part of the day to day life. The sector involves one of the two primary businesses…

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Smart Pumps

Description of studies: Six articles were included for review. These six studies met the inclusion criteria that were mentioned before. For the summary of articles, see appendix ?. These studies were have held and published in the period 2001 to 2010. All the studies were done in the USA except one (P L Trbovich, 2010) that was done in Toronto,…

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The Savings and Loan Crisis

Early in April 1992, reports from major economic scholars warned that over the decades the country had gone through hard times and learned a lot concerning the limits to deregulation. The savings and loan crisis at the time was one exhibit calling forth that the Deregulation was a risk because it also brought in an effect as the savings and…

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Sleep Lab Observation Summary

The sleep lab was well organized into three rooms each with its electroencephalograms (EEGs), electromyogram (EMG) and electro-oculogram (EOG). There was one sleep technician and a respiratory therapist in charge of monitoring patients sleep activity. There were three patients in each room. The technician allowed the patients rest in their bed facing upwards. He carefully placed the electrodes in front…

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The Role of Economics in Environmental Management

Economics plays an important role in the sustainability of the environment. Economic theory logically explains reality observations. For instance, the behavior of consumers and firms can be comprehensible together with the decisions at the marketplace. This can also be applicable in engaging the economic theory to analyze the environmental problem’s sustainability and why they are often experienced. Consumption and production…

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Sleep Derivation Effects on Shifts Workers

Introduction Sleep deprivation refers to the condition where individuals do not have adequate sleep and it may be either acute or chronic. Acute sleep deprivation comes on rapidly but has the advantage of ending quickly. On the other hand, chronic sleep deprivation lasts for a longer time and could occur periodically. Mood swings among these workers would be a key…

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