The App Effect

The authors of app effect book argue that people’s behaviors are changing with advances in mobile and social technologies. They further contend that organizations have to respond to these changes. It is clear once an individual or organization fails to advance with technology it drugs behind and my even collapse. On this book, the authors set to explore how changes in technology have affected people, organizations, and societies. Smartphone and tablets together with their apps have engraved a new deeper digital functionality in individual lives. This is evident through a number of outlined ways.

This statement affirms that there is so much in the development of their life. In this context, the authors by using the word App effect are trying to describe the results or the expected outcomes from the use of mobile technology in the lives of individuals and the way business is being conducted. Currently individual and businesses are on high alert in the identification of the advantages of mobile apps and seizing this opportunity. According to Mandel & Scherer, 2012, majority of Americans posses smart phone, and there has been a continued rise in the number of apps in the Apples apps store as well as apps for android operating system. These developments have led to increase in the number of jobs in the app economy.

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App economy jobs are found in both small and large enterprises technology and non-tech ones. Many companies have surprisingly adopted the app economy through hiring workers to develop their own tailor made apps. Companies and businesses are also creating new ways on how they interact with customers and employees using apps. Moreover, the rapid growth of apps has elicited a reaction from government through the development of the new government policies and regulations (Mandel & Scherer, 2012). These arguments points to the availability of the apps affect.

Today, many firms are recognizing the importance of the mobile technology. On contrary to the past, majority of the Americans now own a Smartphone, which is being used as the means of communication and other functions such as statistics. According to Mandel, the government of America is trying to improve the use of technology by advocating and giving license to the people concerned in the development of these applications using various tools. Nevertheless, fast growth of these applications has promoted the economic growth of the country. Therefore, the United States government have formulated and changed some of the policies that will see forward movement of the country economy.

Mobile application affects the entire population not only in the United States but also globally. Many organizations in the United States are developing using the technology to run all its activities in a very smooth way Is there an App for Almost Everything? The world’s largest collection of apps is contained in the Apples app store. It is argued that with the introduction of smart phones apps that can measure almost everything have developed. The greatest developments of apps have been witnessed in the health care sector. Murphy 2012 argues that apps that can measure almost anything have been developed. He further adds there are thousands of choices to choose.

He indicates that these apps can measure the number of glasses of water one had taken in a day, how well one sleeps, how many calories a person gains or loses and the list of these apps continuity. According to Murphy, the current applications can be used to diagnose the various diseases in the globe. He clearly states that the available applications can be used to determine the amount of water a person has taken during the day and other operations. Other application that makes the phenomenon of the apps effect look like that it is possible to have an app that can do almost everything. The word press is the app that allows bloggers to use its application. An app allows bloggers to post edit pages, upload photos, and even manage comments.

A variety of apps combined gives the notion that apps can perform almost everything, ranging from health issues aspects, entertainment apps and physical practices apps (Victoria, 2009). The characteristics of apps is embedded on their influence on the different sections of the society ranging from technology, economy, culture and even more on historical aspects of society. The fact that apps are able to influence all these aspects creates an argument that apps can almost do everything. Previously people used to conduct gaming in games such as scramble, but with the onset of games application on mobile screens, this culture has been extensively changed and a new culture adopted. This is because many people cannot find time to play such games, and hence games applicatons have monopolized this culture.

For, example iPhone games are more attractive to a huge load of people since they have features that allow users to customize games to their specifications. Further most apps are easily downloadable and hence easy to access and perform all the functions they are tailored. For example, cardstock is currently offered to be downloaded free. It allows users to leave-to-leave their rewards and club cards at home. This is because it easily stores rewards and club cards on the phone where most dealers can access them from their screens.

Today, many bloggers have used this application for their own benefits in that they are capable of creating various sub-applications for the purpose of their own gains. For example, word press has been used to create these applications to deceive people to give out their identities and other personal details. Nevertheless, the combination of these applications has boosted the performance of activities in the economy leading to a secure place. Mobile Apps in Health CareWith the major development in the apps industry, the health sector is set to benefit from these major growths. Currently several apps have been developed deal with serious health issues. Consultation through