The Cause and Effect

Persistence in the world has no substitute. According to Calvin Coolidge, the argument he pursued then was that there is nothing in this world that can replace the role of persistence I one’s life.

He pointed out that there are unsuccessful men and women and thus talent cannot replace persistence. He also pointed out that there exist unrewarded genius in the planet and thus being a genius does not allow one to replace it with being persistent. The existence of the educated failure still would not allow education to replace persistence and thus the case that persistence and determination alone is omnipotent Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933). With the mindset that does not subscribe to never to quit in whatever I pursue, I was determined to pursue a course in science in life and dream of being a scientist one day in my life. Being born into a family that was not well off, I had many challenges in my pursuance of my goals in life.

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Foremost was the dejection I had to face when my colleagues in lower primary education came to learn that I was born out of wedlock. Being raised by a single mother was one of the reality check I had to deal with in my pursuance of my foal in life. There is truth in the saying that a friend in need is a friend in deed. In that state of dejection I managed to secure the sympathy of a few genuine friends that were on my side during some of the bullying sessions I had to endure in class and out of class. I almost quit but I had a driving force that I was reminded of by my beloved grandmother. She always reminded me that people`s opinion of you should never defined you.

I was always encouraged to listen to people`s advise but I should believe in myself. Foremost wa my lower primary school study where my resilience was tested. My performance was so impressive that most of those who doubted my ability had to rethink.After successfully going through my elementary level studies, there was the challenge that the next level of education presented. Here it was lack of school fees to get me to the best high schools in the country. I had to settle for a sponsorship that a well wisher offered to pay for my studies in a moderate school in the district.

I joined the school with other fresh students in high school and I was lucky to pay all of my first year studies fees without a hitch. I was in school the whole term till when we were almost starting exams. During this period I was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and had also pneumonia and had to miss exams and was admitted in hospital. That term I managed to do exams while in hospital without doing any studies but still managed to be the second last student in out class. The dismal performance then led to the withdrawal of the sponsor who was paying my fees, since I had cleared the whole academic year tuition fees I was able to be in school in second and third term. With God`s grace I was well and I was the top student in that academic year in both mathematics and physics.

I was also among the best students in other sciences. My performance enabled me proceed to second year where real trouble came into play. The school could not allow me to be in school unless I paid the basic tuition fees. I was almost quitting school when I encountered another family that accepted to host me and contribute towards my studies if I performed some errands at their homestead. I started with garden work but later was involved in tutoring the kids of the ffamily and I managed to raise my fees.

The circumstance did not allow me to be visiting my family for the two years I was in school and I only managed to visit them once a year during my final year. I used to communicate with my inspiration, my grandmother who always reminded me of the essentiality of the believe that every happening may have a reason and possibly all that I had to go through may have some effects in my life as a n individual or with those I interact with.True to the fact that cooking alone does not cook rise, it is important for everyone to arise to the challenge they encounter in their life. Everybody has the potential to be whatever they dream of. There is a way as long as one is willing to go an extra mile and self discipline plays a crucial role in ensuring one remains on the track to their destiny. Persistence and determination are the founding ingredients that will drive our dreams to our achieving the goals in our life.

In life stuff happen, some we can do something about whereas other are beyond us. What we can do something about we have to act shiftily to avert any negativity or effects that may harm us. Whenever we have a goal to pursue, we have to remain focused on the goal. We should not allow the sideshows from deviating our attention from the main thing. Planning and also seizing the opportunities that present your way may help in achieving ones goal.

We see the relationship of the cause and effect shown here. Even if we bring into account Isaac Newton`s third law of motion where he argues that for every action there is an equal but opposite effect so there is a relationship of the causes and effects of the decisions that we make in life.