The Change Project Essay

Write an essay in which you introduce your audience (the members of our class) to an issue of social, political, or cultural importance such as (social networking (Facebook Twitter) – or gun control –or global warming ..etc…) . Your essay should make and support a claim that argues why and how this issue should be addressed. This assignment will challenge you to stake out your position on an issue that you feel members of your generation should be thinking about or working to change.

You will want to develop and support a claim that tells your classmates why and how the issue should be addressed. In other words, you have to convince us that we should care about your issue and that we should think about and act on your issue in a particular way. Structure Your essay will begin with an introduction in which you will provide necessary information to your reader about your topic and what the major issues are surrounding that topic.That introduction will end with a sentence or two that summarizes your claim about how the issue you introduce should be addressed (what is your solution to the problem you outline? What are your reasons for suggesting this solution?) These sentences will act as your thesis statement. You will follow your introduction with body paragraphs that each do the following: Point: Open with 1-2 sentences that act as topic sentences—sentences that make a point you will develop throughout the paragraph.

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That point should develop aan idea in your thesis statement without repeating your thesis statement. Illustration: Provide specific examples in support of that claim. Explanation: Explain how example illustrates (or is an example of) the claim you make in the topic sentence You will end your essay with a paragraph of conclusion in which you summarize the significance of your argument. What makes your topic important? Why is it of immediate concern? Why is your solution the best? Generally, your conclusion should answer the questions: So what? Why is this important? What should I know after reading your essay that will influence how I consider this issue in the future?Your essay must be 900-1100 words long, typed, double-spaced in Times New Roman 12 pt. font with 1″ margins on all sides.