Not A Cookie Cutter Shape

Not A Cookie Cutter Shape We all have that one subject we’re not the best at. The one class that is harder than the rest. We try our hardest and to do the best we can to make the grade of our hardest class as good as our best. But when our grades don’t go our way it can show on our transcript.

Sometimes that one bad grade holds us back in the worst way. In America it’s a fundamental rule that students must complete all their schooling in 12 years or less or be branded a failure, obliterating their chances for a good future if they do not graduate in the time they are given. I believe that as a hard working student we should not be overlooked because of that one C we have. Society tells us we are all distinct, unique and not like everyone else, yet schools expect us to understand somewhat challenging concept the same way and in the same given time frame as the rest of our peers. Everyone learns differently and at different paces. Teachers acknowledge that we are all learn diversely but many do nothing to try and help fix the problem.

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Schools should encourage different learning styles in classrooms so kids that process information in various ways for suffer for trying to fit in these cookie cutter shapes try to shove all off us through then. For example, when auditory students, like myself, are give packets or worksheet to do in class and can’t process the information well enough without hearing it out loud; then have to go home and say the work back to themselves and redo the whole lesson again because it was notfully understand when read in class. If teachers taught their lessons in different ways rather than just one, there would be less students struggling to understand. If you end up with that C or maybe even fail the class, the world will treat you differently. Doors that open with tremendous opportunity are now slammed shut in your face and you will get no chance of explanation because the door is locked from the inside.

Then there’s the Scholastic Aptitude Test. That carriers somuch weight in deciding your future it’s more then curl. Again we have to conform when taking this test, praying for a set of numbers to be high enough lives won’t crash and burn if those SAT numbers aren’t height enough. I believe that teacher and parents should be hard on us about getting good grades and that it’s even good to be a little hard on yourself; but I think it’s wrong that they try and push us into a shape that none of us would be able to fit into because perfection is impossible to master. If you didn’t have a perfect grade in class, would you think it’s okay future to be ripped to shreds because of it?