Not So School Lunches

School lunches should be improved upon as this year the selections and options that are offered are not appetizing. The lunch program has changed so much between last year and this year. The school lunches are such a big deal to many students that they would also agree with me that the food needs to be changed. Although, I do understand how some of the changes are meant to be healthy, but students are not going to purchase food that does not taste good to them. Bagels have shrunken and been packaged, chocolate chip cookies have changed to oatmeal, and the amount of milk has lessened.

The quantities of some foods are small, which leaves many students hungry. There should be a variety of foods and options for students to choose from, not just one choice that they feel pressured into purchasing because the lack of options. I know that I am disappointed in the change from last year up until this year. Last year there were completely different varieties and quantities of foods, The bagels were white breaded and large, the sandwiches came in different varieties and types, the milk came in a large bottle, and there were chocolate chip cookies, as well as different types of cookies as an option on certain days. I loved the bagels so much I got one with cream cheese at least two or three times a week.

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Many students would purchase and enjoy these items, including me. I think that the food given last year was healthy enough and there were many other healthy items provided as options. Students should be free to eat whatever they want because it is their life and I do not think that the school should try to control that. School officials thought there were not enough healthy options, so they decided to change that. I have only bought lunch three times this year and not once have I enjoyed it.

The food has gone from decent to disgusting in a short matter of time. The wheat bagels not are much smaller and are packaged in a bag, causing them to be very damp and squishy. I have not purchased one all year due to their appearance. I have asked a few people how the bagels have tasted and I have gotten negative results such as “awful” or “gross”. Also, the sandwich options are mostly vegetarian, including the wraps. A healthy diet includes meat, which is not offered as much in the sandwiches now.

The milk containers are much smaller in size, providing less calcium. There also is not a chocolate chip cookie to be seen, only an oatmeal option. Many students like bringing in coffee or tea to stay awake because they are up so late with the work load they receive. It is new policy this year that coffee or tea (caffeine) is not allowed in the school. Many students, including me, are disappointed. Schools should provide healthy options as an alternative, but I think that students should get a choice.

If students want to bring in a certain something to drink throughout the day they should be able to. I plan to write to the school food services team, and request that they reconsider some of these changes that have been made, in the hope that they will rethink what choices they have made. The students at the school are very disappointed in the food selections this year, and I speak for many that with to see improvements made to what is offered. I would like to see improvements made in both the quantity of what is being serves, and also the quality of what is offered. Students understand what healthy food is, but they should not be forced to eat it.

Some days students might just want to eat salty potato chips instead of low fat potato chips. It is hard to wake up early in the morning and make a lunch sometimes, and students have to buy food. Students want to eat food that tastes good and they enjoy. I bring my lunch every day and it is difficult. Some days I wish I could just get some good tasting food at school because it would be much easier. The selections offered are not appetizing to me and many other students.

The school food services team should listen to what I have to say because the students would agree with me. It is disappointing to see such a decrease in what is being offered to students. The school days are long, and most kids rely on the school cafeteria to get a decent meal at lunch. Some kids do not have enough time or energy in the morning to wake up and make a lunch. Many students are forced to bring lunch from home as they are disappointed in what is being offered. I always have to take time out of my short mornings to make a lunch because I refuse to eat what is offered.

I know many students, including myself, that are usually u until midnight doing school work and only get about six hours of sleep. During the school day, I am exhausted and it is hard to focus. Now, we are not allowed to bring any drink with caffeine in it, no matter how tired we are. I do not think the school should be able to control what we consume. Drinking something like coffee would be beneficial to many students to keep them awake. I hope to see a change in school lunches in the future, but for now I will be bringing my lunch.