Taking a Bite Out of School Lunches

Many people say a key to academic success is eating breakfast and lunch. From a recent survey taken, about half of the students at my school rely on the school to provide a balanced lunch. However, some students don’t feel that they are getting their money’s worth.

Seven out of fifteen people eat hot lunch from a recent survey taken at Arrowhead school. Three out of seven say they are unhappy with the quality of lunch food. Senior Alyssa says, “I usually don’t get hot lunch, but when I do, I just get nachos. The nachos are the only good food the cafeteria has to offer that is actually filling.” The nacho bar allows students to pick from soft shell and hard shell tortillas, a variety of meats and beans, and any toppings they would like. And Alyssa is right: there isn’t that much filling good at school.

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They serve cookies, muffins, bagels, and fruit, but none of these things make you full for the rest of the day. The nice thing about the cafeteria is that the sausage sandwiches and smaller foods available in the morning, for anyone that can’t get something to eat before they leave home. English teacher Liz Munkwitz says, “Personally, I enjoy most of the selections that are offered, but I would enjoy some more variety in the options.” There are ups and downs to school lunch, but I think the main thing to start making lunch better is more variety that is filling. We’re hoping for a change in lunch that can be healthy along with filling.