Putting School Lunches to the Test

Do you know something thats really disgusting that children are eating every day? School lunches… school lunches both taste bad and look bad but were they always this way? The answer would be no but let me first explain the current school lunch system. The current school lunches are really easy for everyone because all you have to do is throw it in the oven and BAM! Its done. Although the food is easy to make all the food is unseasoned, flavorless, and just tastes bad. For example the beef sandwiches that they serve just taste like cheap bread. The fact that the food tastes bad isn’t the only problem with the food.

The food also has really strange textures such as the spongy hamburger patties, but a while back the system was different. Now lets move onto the old school lunch system. A while back the lunch ladies used to make the food from scratch, but making the food from scratch was very time consuming so sometimes the students would help make the food with the lunch ladies if they were doing well in school. Although making the food from scratch was more time consuming the food had a good taste, had proper textures, and didn’t end up in the trash which I think is worth a little extra effort by the students and the paid lunch ladies. The result of having this food taste good and not having it just get thrown out is saving both the schools and the students money.

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Finally its time for the big question, which school lunch system is better? The current school lunch system where the food doesn’t taste good, is easy to make, and most of the food ends up in the trash. Or is it the older system where the food tastes great, takes longer to make, and almost none of it ends up in the trash. The most logical answer would have to be the old system, because there is only one down side to the system and that is the fact that the food takes a little more effort to make. While the new system has two downsides, the fact that the food tastes bad and the fact that most of the food ends up in the trash. Overall after my research and experiences with the school lunch system I have to recommend to the school district that the we switch back to the older and better school lunch system.