School Lunches Narrative Essay

5-21-13 Its time for school lunches to be changed. The lunches should not be processed they should be home made. Imagine what would happen the more we serve these processed foods the more weight people will gain? That is already a problem in the United States.

There should be more healthier foods that they can choose to drink milk or water. To start with healthy food you would not have to worry about about the bad things in food. In processed foods they have chemicals in it to keep the food to be fresh longer. The chemicals in processed food is causing people to gain weight. Processed food affects the nutritional value of the food.

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The food is made out of mass production. In addition the food will have more flavor and still be healthy. Things that would make a good lunch are organic foods. There should be smaller portions of the food. There should be serving kids a sandwich with a kind of fruit or vegetable with a drink of milk or water.

A healthy lunch will help kids be more focused in school. this could make a big change. Significantly change could also mean that certain kids will not eat the food. That would also mean the school could not get their lunch money profit. That could lead to budget cuts.

This can make a change to the whole world if every school will do this. with having the school lunches changed the can make healthier kids and adults. With having the right things at the school to drink will also help. this can make it so people can all be at an average weight. The more unhealthy foods people eat the more unhealthier they will be.