Numbers are murderers. They kill souls more than guns.

How it is even fair when a number defines your worth, your future and even your existence. Aren’t number were supposed to measure daily stuffs only? From when it started to measure our span of life. They measure how long do we live without being on the exact category in the death certificate. They find a place beside the date you died rather being on the reason of your death like they find a place in your academic results as well. It establishes the type of person you are to the whole world. We are all in this genocide, fighting for those extra bit of marks to survive a little longer.

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Innocent souls are killed everyday, others praying for it to stop. A note to the people who provokes the killings, “IF YOU ARE JUDGING US WITH THE MARKS WE GET IN SCHOOL AND CONTINUE TO DO SO, PLEASE! PLEASE MAKE MACHINES INSTEAD OF BABIES THEN!