Observations from the Average: American Teen

Sometimes things happen for strange reasons or no reason at all. Life just has these strange moments and you don’t have a clue why. There are so many questions I would like to know the answer to. Why do boys have to be confusing? Why can’t math be super fun? I think the ultimate question though, is why do parents forget what is like to be a teenager? Once upon a time, they were our age, so why did they forget? I would love it, if for one day; the parents of the world could not be parents.

Just knock down the parental wall and tell us what it was truly like to be a teenager. I wish they would be more like teachers, and share their experiences with us, joke around with us. Teachers care about us and want us to succeed, but (to an extent) allow us to make our own decisions. They are adults that you can talk to and listen, really, listen and relate maybe even laugh. I feel sometimes that the life I have at school is more realistic than my family life. Some of my teachers really get me and I wish my parents would too.

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Why is it so hard for my parents to talk to me and say things to me that don’t always make me feel guilty for who I am and what I like to do? So sometimes I don’t want to clean, or be “responsible”! I know that adults don’t always want to either! Why, instead of being big and “mature”, can’t they relate and vege out with us? So yea I like to watch TV. and read, and yes I don’t exercise to the healthiest amount because I like computers more then basketball courts. I walk my dogs, and go swimming. (I play on playgrounds too, but socially I’m too old for that…shh!) I play with my sister and I chill with the family. I think the main reason parents don’t understand this generation, is because of how advanced the technology is. Maybe they weren’t born in the middle ages, but times are different.

The first cellular phone came out when my mom was a senior in high school and it was the size of an average man’s shoe! It has to be hard to understand a generation who can text in under 10 sec. and understand all the video games that we get in 1 minute. Even schooling has changed-notice how we don’t get whacked with a ruler? So yea I love my parents, even if they don’t get me (so they say), but its just one of those things in life that just is for no apparent reason. Boys make no sense, parents are indenile and math just isn’t as much fun as my science class.