Student Observations

Student # 1Smoking cessation courses are potentially useful in helping people modify their behavior.  The benefits that come with smoking cessation are undeniable.

It is interesting to see how the cyclical model of change works; however, its relationship to the smoking patch is uncertain.  It is also unclear how the survey would be used to measure change or whether it would be used in conjunction with other forms of assessment.  Although using the Fagerstrom test for nicotine dependence is certainly an appropriate measure for the client’s degree of dependency, it is uncertain how the measure will be used to indicate a client’s need for medication.  This research sounds very interesting; however, the details require some clarification.Student # 2This student’s post seems to be merely the dissertation requirements copied and pasted onto the forum.

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  I do not see any original content there.Student # 3One statement that immediately is of cause for concern is that the researcher is “still a little fuzzy on statistics.”  It would seem difficult at best to run research without having a strong idea of how those data will be measured without a clear grasp of statistics.  If this knowledge is lacking, then how is the researcher certain that the selected forms of statistical analyses are appropriate to the task? The research on obesity and overweight is both timely and of value; however, it is possible to have some degree of concern over the researcher’s ability to prepare appropriately at this time.Student # 4This entry appears to be the same as the first.

Student # 5This entry appears to be largely the same as the first.Student # 6This researcher appears to have a great deal of understanding of how research works; however, it is interesting that the annotated bibliography was of little use because the researcher had not investigated the possibility of his or her topic having been duplicated.  This seems to be a serious lack, considering that a researcher depends greatly on previous research on the same topic, or on a similar topic, to build their own research upon. The researcher does mention the concept of the literature review and appears to have entered into an attempt at one, so I wonder if there is a contradiction here.Student # 7The researcher has described a problem statement for this project, as well as two sub-problems.

  It is not clear why the researcher is investigating the effect of the level of degree the practitioner possesses in terms of having an effect on treatment pursued.  However, the researcher appears to have a clear grasp of appropriate use of statistics and the need for a sufficient literature review. It is also of interest to see how the researcher was willing to broaden the requirements for an advisor and how the researcher learned the value of the dissertation committee.Student # 8Although the information provided by this researcher does not have a great deal of detail, it is a good description of the process that he or she will be using when developing his or her dissertation.  It will be interesting to see how the researcher will develop a survey and how it will be applied and analyzed.Student # 9The information provided by this researcher is highly detailed.

  It shows a great deal of understanding of the instrument and the procedure being investigated.  The positive and negative aspects of the topic are clearly delineated and the methods for assessing and for analyzing the instrument and the procedure being reduced appear to be well understood and explained, as are alternatives to the problem being discussed.  It is clear that the literature review is providing information of value to the researcher and it will be interesting to see how the reliability and validity will be assessed and what forms of statistical analysis will be selected for this project.