Oh, High School

Oh, high school, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love your demanding, unreasonably early hours.

I love your treacherous, compelling dramas of betrayal of friends. I love your trivial, silly romances. I love your strict, adamant rules that no one pays much attention to. I love your frustrating, crack-of-dawn bus rides. I love your tiresome, tedious extracurricular activities. I love your effortless, tedious algebra homework.

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I love your looming, menacing pop vocab quizzes. I love your mysterious, unidentifiable cafeteria food. I love your crazy, spirited Friday night football games in the fall. I love your rusty, chipping lockers. I love your mocking, humbling bad hair days. I love your diminutive, minuscule library whose books I have already read.

I love your amusing, entertaining science experiments gone wrong. I love your fleeting, ephemeral fads and trends. Oh, high school…