One Day Technology Will Run the World

Have you ever thought about technology taking over the world? At the rapid rate society is going with technology is growing, it could happen. Technology is becoming the number source for everyone. For example, some businesses won’t thrive without having the ability to pay with a debit/credit card.

Of course people still pay with cash but it’s also very common that people use there card first. But running a business is not what this paper is about. Modern technology such as the internet will replace books or written words as the main source of information. A website that is accurate can provide people with true information also found in a book. But what the internet offers that books don’t is the easy, quick, and convenient accessibility.

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The ability to communicate with others and share information with a blink of an eye. Also the fact that technology is already becoming the main source of communications then it would be easier to “stick with the program” and keep yourself updated with the rest of the world. Eventually the fast, easy, and convenient modern technology such as the internet will replace books or any written word as the main source of information. Once using a tablet or other technology gets comfortable and more understanding it starts to become irresistible. Especially for students using it during school for assignments.

A teacher at Norfolk Junior High School said, “I see students holding down a word to get the meaning of it when before they would just go on and hope to get the definition from context.” These devices allow students to get the meaning of a word they don’t understand within seconds. Unlike textbooks it would take much longer. Also textbook do get outdated and information can be invalid if its not up to date. Another reason why tablets can be irresistible is because with more open-source material available to educators schools don’t need to buy textbooks anymore. “Open-source is accessible to anyone and usually free to use.

” It just seems helpful and convenient in many ways for everyone. Now and days it’s hard to find someone not intrigued with there cell phone or tablet, so why not use it as an advantage. It also allows teachers to design, develop and create lessons for their students by gathering resources from other online resources. It can be a little time consuming but the hard work pays off, “It takes a lot of energy and effort to be able to search and develop new lessons, but once you find materials best suited for the students, it’s easier the second go around”. It is proven to help students in many ways, and allows the students to be intrigued and learn the criteria that’s assigned.

The impact on student achievement is also an upside with the tablets. Many say that students do perform better with tablets because it encourages them to take charge of their own learning abilities. Other say its harder to memories what they read in a book. Some students would read a chapter and tend to have a hard time memorizing. Teachers who have taught for many years have agreed that tablets have been very successful for the students, especially if the teachers are given the proper training needed to use the device in a way that directly connects with the students.

It’s important to realize the positive side to these devices, because it truly makes an impact. “One thing is certain: Whether you’re a technological guru with all the latest devices or a Luddite who barely manages to keep up with a seven-year-old flip phone, good, bad, or indifferent, technology has proven itself to be a force for change-especially in America’s classroom.” If this doesn’t prove the point that technology is on its way to becoming the main source of information then whoever is reading this needs to open there eyes to reality. On the internet people can type in exactly what they want to search and get it instantly, but looking for something specific in a book can take more time. Tablets in the classroom has proven to be efficient and helpful. In fact, 81% of K-12 teachers believe that “tablets enrich classroom education.

” These tablets can be lightweight and can hold hundreds of textbooks, homework, quizzes, and it eliminates the need for physical storage of books inside of a classroom. If these devices help kids learn, imagine what big corporations can do with these. They will be allowed to present beautiful and well organized presentations. The transformation from books will also save time, money, and the environment. The time to print out packs of paper and the amount of paper it would take to print out only hurts the environment.

The trees will no longer need to cut down for paper use. E-books on tablets also cost 50%-60% less than printed textbooks. At this point we can’t deny that technology is going to be an impacted in our lives for the rest of our lives. So if we teach kids to learn how to use technology to benefit them then, it only prepares them for successful careers in life. Also, people can’t deny that the highest paid jobs are technology based. Last but not least, “Using tablets is so intuitive that it makes learning fun and easy”.

There are many fun ways to learn such as activities to keep people entertained in what they are learning. Based off this information, technology will not go away. It has, and will continue to grow and be utilized effectively. Sooner or later books will be vanished and people will start to learn how to write on electrical devices rather than pencil and paper. People have to think about how the world communicates now and days.

We call, text, facetime, etc. We rarely receive letters through the mail. Although that certain way of communicated existe but it doesn’t change that fact that technology overpowers that way of life. Communication has come a long way, and we are only going to continue to find new and better ways to do things. So far technology is giving us a faster way to upgrade and effect our lives. Destroying the forest and putting more weight on our backs to carry doesn’t seem pleasing at all.

So expect technology such as the internet to replace books or any written words as the main source of information.