One Extra Day

Everyone has be through a time where they wanted to take a day off. They can accomplish many tasks in the extra time. No matter how much one likes their job or what they do, it happens. It can positively change our society. With a three day weekend people will be happier; it can save money, students can have more time to learn new things, and employees will be more focused. Things will be better for all.

There should be a three day work weekend because not only does it allow people to be less focused, but also it can allow students to have more time to learn the information and decrease the amount of money spent in a five day week. To begin, there should be a three day work weekend because it will help people be more focused.Jason Fried from New York Times said, “When there’s [there is] less time to work, you waste less time. When you have a compressed workweek, you tend to focus on what’s [what is] important. Constraining time encourages quality time”.

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With less working hours, it can create more time for for what people think is more important (Fried). Also according the article about Jason Fried, at his job, “not 40 hours crammed into four days, but 32 hours comfortably fit into four days. We do not work the same amount of time, we work less”. With new working hours, you can get more done in less time. (Fried). Lastly, according to an employee at Fast Company, “”Meetings are incredibly focused,””.

In this article, they mention that the meetings for very focused and very productive. With these kinds of meetings, employees can get to their other tasks faster. People may say that when there is a three day weekend, people with be less focused and concentrate more on the weekend. These people will not do any work and only think about the weekend coming towards them. However, the workweek will be the time to get all of their work done and have even more time to themselves.

They will have nothing to worry about. Therefore, employees should have a three day weekend. Overall, there should be three day weekends because people will be more focused. In addition, there should be a three day work weekend because it can allow students to have more time to learn the information. “When a student receives more work to do independently, it increases their problem solving skills and also teaches them about the proper methods of conducting research.

The extra day off helps students figure out their preferred pace of learning and allows them to choose the method of information absorption that best suits their individual needs” (Occupy Therapy). When there is a four day week, children would normally think less homework, more free time. So, more times to help them practice their time management skills (Occupy Therapy). An article written by Smith states,”But the results show that, even for these young students, a four-day school week had a statistically significant positive impact on maths scores (around 7% extra on average), and a possible positive impact on reading scores (although this was not deemed statistically significant by the study’s testing standards)” . Some people say that with having a four day week, kids will learn a lot, and get the content and after the longer weekend, they will forget it. Lucy Rycroft Smith has shown that math scores have gone up in a school with a four day week.

Also written by Smith, “Walker offers a number of possible explanations, including the idea that longer days might give teachers an opportunity to explore different instructional processes”. Teachers have to make lesson plans when they teach, in order to help kids learn.Teachers can use the extra day to expand on their ideas.The article states, “Longer days lead to a lessening of focus, which can cause grades to slip for students who already struggle with concentration”. Kids will like the the longer weekend because there are less days in school. Without that day, it can cause loss of concentration (Occupy Therapy).

Therefore, students should get a three day weekend because they will be focused and get their work done. All in all, there should be a three day weekend because students can learn the information. Likewise, there should be a three day work weekend because it will decrease the amount of money spent in a five day week. An article written by Sherwood states,”In rural areas, where transportation is a considerable expense, running buses for fewer days leads to significant savings. Districts also cut down on custodial pay, heating expenditures, food costs and utility bills” (Sherwood).

In some areas, paying for buses and cars are an additional expense. When having a four day week, people can spend less money on transporting their kids to school, and they can worry about paying for food and keeping their kids safe (Sherwood). “Since 1985, more than three dozen Arizona school districts have adopted four-day school weeks to save money” (Creno, Vanek). When schools decide whether or not they should have a four day week can come down to one thing; money. If school can not provide that money, they will be forced to have a four day week.

In places like Arizona, some school are forced to educate only four days a week. “The potential cost savings is mainly driving districts buffeted by state budget cuts to adopt a four-day week” (Creno, Vanek). Not only can some parents not afford the five day week, but some schools can not either. This can lead to a four day week. “Teachers usually work the same total number of hours (the school day becomes longer, or the fifth day is designated for professional development) so districts can not scrimp on salaries” (Cummings).

But, the teachers still have to be paid regular salaries. When the payments are said and done, the parents do not end up saving as much as they would like to. Some may say that with the extra day they will spend more money on other things. People will use their time by buying clothes, or shoes for themselves. But, these people fail to acknowledge that it will reduce the money spent during the week on their kids. Parents will save their money and spend it on things that their kids need to survive.

As stated, there should be a three day weekend because it will decrease the amount of money spent during a five day week. As proven, having the three day weekend would benefit all people. People will be more focused. Students can retain information better. And lastly, having the extra weekend day will help decrease the money spent during a regular five day week. The lives of the people who have this day will extremely benefit.

They will become more individual and be themselves. With this, people will be happier and nicer to one another. Make the world we live in a happy place for all.