Extra Days of School

Extra Days Of School Dear Principal, I heard that the school district is considering adding days to the end of the year. This is a bad idea for many reasons. Firstly, it is a waste of time. Schools say that students are supposed to be spending about five hours learning, but when you break down the average school day, that is not the case. So really, adding more days just creates the need to fill time with “busy work.

” Adding school day would in turn add expenses. An increase in salaries not only for teaching staff, but also maintenance and office staff. Also increased expenses in regards to transportation and electricity. I can understand that educators would want school to have better grades, and yes, school in countries with longer years statistically have higher tests scores, but they also have a completely different learning and social system. Interest in learning would decrease.

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Quite a few students already dislike going to school, so telling them they had to go more every year probably wouldn’t sit well. And with that, grades would go down; the opposite of what educators are aiming for. To sum it up, adding extra school days would be counter-productive and costly. Sincerely, *Name Omitted****