One Head Is Better Than Two

Disagreements occur when teaming up with a partner. This leads to no solution at all, as every person has different ideas of his or her own. In 1914, World War I broke out. Each nation had their own alliances, or teams, though “the alliance treaties were strong factors for the escalation of the war to a worldwide scale”, according to Modern American History by Yi Jun Zhang.

Since each European country was involved in an alliance, it had no choice but to join the war when danger befell on one of the members of their alliances. The alliances were created to help and work together like a team. Each European country thought that it would help the nation both economically, socially, and politically. Nevertheless, the alliances created a chain reaction, which led multiple nations to joining the war. When a team, or in this case an alliance, gets created, all the members in the team should have the same purpose and goals in order to create synergy effect.

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Therefore, as long as someone in the team disagrees with the rest of the team, the team cannot work efficiently. Secondly, working individually allows a person to have more freedom to voice his or her actual thoughts. When working with a group, it is sometimes difficult for a member to work freely without fearing criticism. This is shown especially well in bullying. The Family Resource Facilitation Program states that “even though most bystanders don’t like to watch bullying, less than 20% try to stop it”. Usually, bullying occurs between a group of people and an individual.

Most bystanders who either know or witnessed the bullying, though, do nothing to help those victims of bullying. One of the main reason for the bystanders to not interfere between the victim and the bully is due to peer pressure, for people pretend to be someone they are not in order to not stand out from the crowd and not get the attention of the bully. Being the minority decreases a person’s confidence, and a lot of people tries his or her best to go with the flow. As a result, each member in a group is less likely to speak up about what is really in their minds.Therefore, a person gets more freedom to be himself or herself when he works individually, as nobody is going to judge him or her for their opinion.

Lastly, independent work prevents an individual from relying too much on other people. Unexpected events unfold and a person has to be ready to face it on their own, for people are not always going to be there for the person when the person needs help. During the FIFA World Cup in 2002, Korean national soccer team ranked in fourth place due to their coach, Hiddink, who equipped the Korean soccer players with appropriate skills. However, Korea relied too much on Hiddink. When Hiddink resigned, Korean national soccer team fell apart due to the fact that they could not achieve anything on their own without Hiddink. Sometimes, a person needs to know how to achieve a task without the help of somebody else.

Relying too much on others makes the situation get out of hand when other people are either unavailable or unable to help the person. When the team is unable to help the person, it is his or her responsibility to work alone and still manage to produce excellent quality work. Thus, every person needs to be fully capable of managing things individually and not as a team. A team can come crashing down when their one vital member is missing, but an individual cannot come crashing down when nobody is there to help him; for he is relying solely on his own self.