School and Leadership

School and Leadership can never be separated. School means an institution for people to learn something that will give benefits to them. The meaning of leadership is the ability of an individual or an organisation to lead the people or the team player under them. School is one of the most effective place for youth to learn about leadership and leadership skills. The students will beeager and inquisitive to learn about these thing.

Leadership skills are needed for every person in order for them to reach for succes and to hold a great position when they grow up. One of the most important leadership lessons that i learnt in school is to be adapted. In order for a student to reach for a level where they are good enough to hold big position and give orders to the person under them without much problem, they will have to learn about leadership lessons. In order to be a great leader, the team member must be adaptable. This means, the leader can also be a great team player and vice versa.

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Team members must adapt to the team. Being in a team is not about having individual needs met, but about meeting the purpose of the group. Team members will have to cooperate with the other team members in order to reach for a great decision and can finally produce great results. The next most important leadership lessons is to be communicative. The team members which conclude the team player and the team leader needto have a communication skills.

Team members must share ideas, provide constructive feedback to the other team members and include everyone in the process. These skills will definitely help the team members to move forward and they can able to understand every orders and information that is being told by,the other team members. Team members will be able to provide great result and presentation which would help them in reaching their goals to be successful. Besides, the team members have to be disciplined. Disciplined team members lead to a succesful team. Doing the little things right makes the big things go more smoothly.

Discipline means that the team members have to follow orders rightly. As example, team members have to submit their work by the time that is being set up by their leader. Time management is also very important. Come early to work or discussion bring a lot more great benefits for the team. Things can be prepared early and the team would not have to rush things.

These thing may look like a simple thing, but actually this is the main skills that every team members have to work for in order to be succesful. In my conclusion, school is a great place for youth to learn and earned leadership skills. It does helps a lot. A person must be very commited and hardworking in order to be a great team leader or maybe even a team player. It is all our choice to choose what we want to be. But despite all that, one must not miss in learning skills of leadership.

And these is the most important leadership lessons that I learnt in school.