One Life, One Chance

Life is fast, there is no doubt about that. Everyone knows that we only have so many trips around the sun, but does everyone really make the most of the time they have? I think not, I think that in this day of age people are too per-occupied with material things.

People forget to live outside of their comfort zone, they forget to enjoy the little things. They forget to taste the air, They trade in their Teenage dreams and promises for adult boredom and the mind set that they have to live quietly. Life inst quiet, life is loud and big and beautiful. People forget that, they forget how vibrant life is. They forget to make the most out of it. They forget that humans need to taste life, they need to see places, and do things others only dream of.

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They need to make memory’s that will turn into story’s. The kind of story’s you can tell interesting people at 3 am, the kind of story’s wide eyed children will listen intently too. The kind of story’s that can live on even after their time around the sun is done. They have forgotten how to put everything they have into life. That’s the sad truth, People honestly are just forgetting to live.

They are doing what they said they never would. They are wasting themselves. Wasting their one chance at life, wasting their dreams, forgetting their promises. We all only get one chance, let’s not waste it.