One of My Favorite Teachers

This essay is about my 10th-grade math teacher, Ms. Santos. Her full name is Arlene Santos and she is a math teacher at Mt. Carmel High School. She is one of my favorite teachers and she deserves to be recognized for her personality, character, and love. Math is personally one of my least favorite subjects but Ms.

Santos made me love going to math class every day. When I was personally struggling with a certain unit, she would never hesitate to offer me extra help after school or when I was available. She was always willing to help not just me but other students who were struggling as well. One time, I was really cold because the air conditioning was really high but Ms. Santos couldn’t fix it so she let me wear her jacket. She easily makes her class so much fun by making songs for us to memorize theorems easily and also making quirky jokes to make us laugh once in a while.

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Plus, her laugh is so contagious that it is nearly impossible to smile when you are in her presence. Not only does Ms. Santos help her students with just math-related stuff, but she is always so open to hear people about their personal lives. One time, I just came into her class to talk to her about what I wanted to do for my future and we just talked about how school can be stressful sometimes, but gave me an optimistic view about how I should do what makes me happy and encouraged me to make me feel confident in myself. For band, I wanted to apply for a leadership position so Ms. Santos wrote my letter of recommendation and I got the position.

Ms. Santos was so happy for me and congratulated me. Ms. Santos is a good teacher but is also like a companion who is always eager to help her students and tries to make learning easier and enjoyable. I love her so much and I feel she deserves to be recognized for her caring and loving heart for her students.