Online Food Ordering System

It is difficult for the canteen staff to know the amount of food to prepare for a retain day or meal leading to a shortage or wastage of the food prepared. With the new system, the customers would be able to order their food from the comfort of their offices, classrooms, hostels and anywhere outside the school campus without queuing. The system will cater for the disadvantages of the traditional method which is currently in place.

Statement of the Problem “The Inability to order food on time In the canteen Is leading to the shortage and excess of food and queuing leading to wastage or unhappy customers.

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Research Objectives This study aims to design and construct an “Online Ordering System”, to provide an say access in getting their orders and paying their bills. To develop the system using PH that will be used for the transaction. To create a more convenient form of ordering and verification system in the HIT canteen To lessen the work of the finance lady in collecting food funds before and during lunch. To develop a system with a user-friendly interface. To develop a system that takes orders from the customer as per his/her choice.

Online Food Ordering System Case Study

Research nepotisms

The project development works on the following hypothesis: An integrated system approach to system development is the solution to developing user-based web application that allows students and lecturers to place their orders online.

Research Questions

  1. What is the importance of developing an online food ordering system for HIT?
  2. How can the HIT community benefit from this system in terms of their day to day transactions?
  3. How can the application be efficient and convenient to the HIT community?

What the system will do?

Allow a user to create an account through registering on the website Allow to view account history, bill, menu Bill should be deducted when the payment is made Allow one to pbeen successfully placed The system should a database that keeps the users details It should be able to create reports.

Feasibility study


The project is feasible through the use of a computer which is the hardware. He software involved includes: Wampum server Adobe Dreamers CSS PH scripting language Myself database Economical In terms of the economical aspect, the software to be used is open source and hence minimal expense is going to be incurred.

Social The project is going to have a positive impact socially as it will minimize the time people have to go to the dining hall to order food and make payment.


Technology is in the palm of our hands and whilst there is limited use of it. HIT as technological University this kind of technology has to be implemented to show its cause and calling and mission. As the writer waits in the queue every afternoon wanting to get a ticket for her lunch, she saw the need of having an online ordering system to save tale Tanat Is wasted when queuing In ten canteen Literature Review A review of existing systems similar to the proposed e-ordering system was undertaken. Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of these systems will enable a better design of the proposed system, since relevant aspects and problems could be implemented and addressed respectively.

Domino’s Pizza Online Food Ordering System

The Domino’s online menu and ordering system is a website for purchasing food over the Internet. It allows the user to browse through the products available to them at their local take-away store and buy them using online payment, payment on delivery or in-store collection. Potential customers can also learn more about their choices and view new menu options and special offers. Although the Domino’s system is online and involves a delivery mechanism, it addresses the same overall problem in as much as it concerns viewing a menu and purchasing food digitally. However, as it is an Internet-based system, it is likely it assumes some familiarity with the usual mechanisms of computers and is less likely to be operated by touch-screen input.

Additionally it involves purchase at a longer distance and thus not all of its approaches may be relevant to our problem. There is no creation of accounts to allow a user view their bills so they can pay at the end of the month or in advance.

Palmer, furthermore internet is an important application in developing the food industry because it can interact between restaurant and customer. Internet has been becoming a powerful channel for business marketing and communication. This review is in support of the writer’s research as she is using the internet to help communication between the canteen staff and its customers.

According to Flynn et al, the important aspect in restaurant industry service today is online ordering. Nowadays the restaurant currently used traditional ordering system.

This traditional system is difficult for the waiter to manage part of customer order. Besides, it may cause problem to restaurant administrator in store customer information and maybe the information lost. To settle this problem, the restaurant industry has predicted more quick increase in online ordering.

The Internet technology becomes more popular and the access to the internet becomes more easy and convenient to the public. The computerized system used in restaurant industry to facilitate restaurant management without any problem.

The review above relates to a restaurant scenario but will be helpful in the writer’s research as the project is related. The benefits are the same in terms of being convenient and efficient.

Research methodology

Process Waterfall Model Characteristics Activity-centered process that prescribes the sequential executions of life cycle activities. All requirements are completed before the system design activity starts The following phase should not start before the previous one has finished The final product is eventually produced.

Goal: Never turn back once an activity is completed

Refinement of first model: only few iterations are allowed but they are costly

Existing problems are left for later resolution, programmed around


  • Fits with other engineering processes
  • Documentation is produced at each phase
  • Simplistic view of software development


  • Inflexible partitioning of the project into distinct self-contained stages
  • No flexible iteration are intended, every phase is worked out once
  • The delivery of the overall product may retarded
  • Process model is only appropriate when the requirements are well understood