Orcas Deserve Their Lives

Orcas deserve to remain their lives in the wild just as most orcas and other sea animals dp. As a child my parents allowedme to watch the orcas and the dolphins perform these amazing tricks that normally only a human could do. I was told that it is better for animals to be in captivity instead of enjoying the wild with most of the other animals. Not knowing as a child that these orcas were not doing this for the joy of entertaining the crowd, not most of the time.

These poor animals were being forced to perform tricks correctly in order to get their meals daily. If not performed to the trainer’s expectations they were not fed. Due to this consequence battles between the orcas, bite marks, wounds, injuries, and even death occur.This causes depression within these emotional animals. These orcas are expected to live up to one-hundred years in the wild, but these “marine biologist” in the film Blackfish, tell their employees that these animals are only expected to live up to 30-35 years while in captivity. Even these employees are being manipulated into thinking that this is normal for orcas to live in that short lifespan, they do not take the time to do additional research to help them connect more with these orcas and making sure that they are happy if they are forced into being enslaved as a member of Sea World.

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Employees are risking their lives working with these orcas. Sea World is not giving enough information about the history of the orcas incidence such as Tilikum’s past incidence and other incident where trainers lives were at risk or taken away from them.I do not believe that these orcas are not vicious beings, they are trying to give them a sign that they want to be free. These orcas are taking action hoping that they eventually will release them from captivity. Most people believe that since they are in the hands of places such as Sea World that they are being well taken care of. If this was the case why do they have bent dorsal fins? Bent dorsal fins means that they are extremely sad and shows signs of an unhappy,unhealthy,and a depressed orca.

Instead of telling the truth they lie to their employees and their customers that it is completely normal. Orcas in the wild do not have as many fights and wounds as orcas in captivity do, as said in the LA Times, they have straight dorsal fins, and with research being done they are happier with where they are. Animals in captivity appear as insane for attacking, causing all these injuries and deaths they want to go back to the wild life where they belong. They continue to attack and try to attempt to bite their ways through walls. All they want is to have the chance to be with their families or to create new ones in the wild life.

They do not deserve to be forced into captivity that I see as slavery, orcas are not for our entertainment they are to be left alone in the wild, not treated as toys that we play and enjoy to watch. 578 Words Works Cited “Blackfish (film).” – Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. N.p., n.

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