Grading: You Get What Deserve

Is grading fair? That is a question with many opinions. Some students say that the grading system is too harsh. And those are usually the students who don’t study or want to learn.

And then you have the teachers who say that the grading system is simply based upon a students test scores, homework, and participation. Second, for example, from Tenafly High School Moses Kim, states “However, it typically is strictly a measure of what a student can accomplish on paper, through homework, tests, quizzes, and projects.” Moses is saying that teachers only assess you on what you can and can not do. And the way they do that is by giving exams, homework, and the week long projects. It is the standard grading system.

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Also, a related question is; do grades reflect what you have learned? Well the grade itself does not reflect what you’ve learned, the outcome of a test determines what you learned and what you didn’t. The grade itself reflects a students participation and productivity in the classroom. Frank McCourt states, “the teacher tells you what you are supposed to know. The teacher teaches it to you, and you are supposed to learn it. Then the teacher gives you an examination and you get the grade you deserve.

” In Teacher Man, Frank is saying that the teacher starts you off by providing the information that you’ll need. Then once he or she has taught you, you’ll be able to study on your own and practice to gain an understanding. And finally the teacher gives the you an exam, whether you pass the exam or not determines what you learned in the time provided. In addition, students just want to feel good about learning and who can blame them? They want to learn without the stress of grades. Maybe no grades at all, is what they really want.

In Freedom Writers, Veronica states, “getting good grades can make you feel that way. But also when you know the teachers care about you and your future.” Veronica is saying that getting good grades can give you a wonderful feeling, and it’s true. But other students that are just like Veronica only want teachers to grade them on things that they know they’ll pass. And the teacher does care about their students, they care enough to assess them so that when it is time for college; the colleges will have factual evidence that you’re a good . Lastly, if learning could somehow be more appealing to students then they can learn more comfortably.

And possibly feel more relaxed about their teachers grading system and whether it is fair or not. To restate the previous statements, grading is fair because the teacher is only assessing you on what you contribute to the classroom. And also that grades do not reflect what you have learned, put into the class and your education. It is just like what my chemistry teacher Mr. Brown says, “Your weekly participation always shows on your quiz, and if you don’t bust a move it’ll effect your grade.”