Rubric for Grading Case Studies

In our case, we are going to take a hospital as the source of rubric grading. This will act as the main source. The other source will be in a business organization. Thus assigned a task to diagnose a condition given brief description and the results of a patient in the hospital, a grading rubric is provided to assist in assessing of the patient. Other than the above materials, some paper requirements include the checklists and the instructions of the bibliography and citations. With this you will be able to design an analysis table, dividing it into rows and columns.

The paper is divided into three sections namely: background physiology where in this slot you are supposed to explain normal physiological mechanisms and all the processes that involved in your case study. The other slot will be filled with the path physiology. Under this, you will be able to record the molecular and cellular mechanisms that lead to the disease. The last section will contain the relationship between symptoms and diagnosis. Under this you will be able to record the symptoms that began appearing before you fell sick and also the test results of the patient.

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The main work of th grading rubric is to provide criteria for grading. It also outlines the expectations for excellent, good and other presentations for each aspect of a given paper. It mainly deals with awarding points as regards your presentation. For instance some of the levels of award in presentations include the 7-8 points. This is probably the highest according to grading as it contains the excellent remark.

For you to reach this level your paper work should be written in good English and understandable vocabularies should also be used. The information should also be derived from a good quality sources. Other levels are such as good, inadequate and poor. Good ranges from 4-6 points. Inadequate ranges from 1-3 and poor is simply 0.

Poor means that the information you have given is irrelevant.Background physiology, path physiology and the relationship between symptoms and diagnosis are all graded using the above grading rubric. It can be concluded that the grading rubric can be used as a tool in decision making. It is seen as a very vital aspect as you can be able to perform your grading work, not necessarily in hospitals but in all places such as in schools, business organizattions among other places. Once you perform this, you will be able to make positive decisions. The other case is in a working institution where you have been assigned a task to prepare a certain report as regards the company.

It should include; part one deals with the response to the given questions; part two is to write a summary for the manager. The two above instructions are awarded marks on each. Thus after completing the assigned task by the use of the guiding questions, the grading rubric is implemented. Once the tasks are handed in, the manager uses the grading rubric to award you according to your performance.It is from here that he can be able to learn the type of workers that he has, their levels of intelligence and the decisions he need to make if necessary.

If he comes across good grammar used and information that comes from relevant sources, you are likely to be awarded an excellent mark since you will have scored high. On the other hand if you will have used a poor grammar and given irrelevant sources then you will be subjected to a poor mark. In conclusion, grading rubric can be positively be used to make positive and required decisions.