Why I believe I deserve a scholarship to study photography?

I have always been fascinated with the art of taking photographs. For me, the essence of immortalizing exquisite landscapes, quirky facial expressions, high speed actions, ordinary activities and many others is a creative and unique way of authenticating the beauty that surrounds us.

Many would say that clicking a camera is an effortless and simple act that anyone can do ranging from youngsters to elderly people. But producing great pictures require an artistic eye and an imaginative perspective which is only possessed by a selected few individuals. For others, this talent can be innate, a gift that they were born with. While for others, it is acquired. This means that their skill in photography was induced by their strong interest in the field.In my case, I think that my ability to take impressive and distinct snapshots is an inherent talent because ever since I was a kid, I used to look at things differently.

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I would normally see ordinary objects as special and outstanding subjects. My family and friends would usually make comments about my photographs saying that I can make simple items like a glass bottle look like a work of art. These positive feedbacks have further motivated me to excel in my chosen field. Because of this, I have decided to take my passion into another level by pursuing a higher education that will major in photography. Through this, I can be able to learn about new techniques and innovative ideas that can definitely improve my skills and talent in photography. Moreover, I believe that I possess the necessary qualities and most importantly the vision to make a difference in world of art.

More so, a scholarship will certainly aid in the fulfillment of my dream of being an exceptional and ingenious photographer. I know that my passion combined with an academic financial aid can turn my vision into a reality.