Lutheran Scholarship Essay

Springtime is near. The time when the earth comes alive again after a harsh winter. This year, I am among the annual hustle and bustle of the eighth grade class. It is my turn to go through the mall, pointing out different dresses I like for graduation. It is my turn to be a part of the student council meetings, planning how to make our last year at RCS as special as possible.

Most importantly, it is my turn to look at all the high schools in Racine and determine which one will offer me the best possible opportunities. I need to decide where to go to high school. What school will help me find my talents and help me grown in them; which school will help me get through high school and seek higher education still. I believe Lutheran High School Is that school. I want to go to Lutheran High School because I believe that this is the school that will help me to do my greatest in every possible situation, the school that will make me the best I can possibly be.

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LHS is a Christian school. This is a very important factor for me. I have gone to Christian schools all my life, and I don’t want that to change. I want to go to a school where I can be free to study and learn about God; where I can praise him openly. Also, I believe that LHS has very good teachers and coaches. I have gone to countless basketball, volleyball, and other sport camps at Lutheran High.

I have found all of the coaches and assistants to be very encouraging and patient. They patiently worked with all of us at the camps and taught us the games, and later helped us to improve our skill. I am in Algebra 1 at LHS and am a student of Mr. Lorenz. He is very good at what he does—teach math.

He has helped me to understand how everything works in algebra. He also offers to see us after school or during his free period for extra help if we need it. This greatly pleases me. I love that LHS has teachers who are willing to give up their time to help their students understand and learn. I am a very athletic person, and I love to do as many sports as I can.

Currently, I play soccer and basketball and run track. I had been very upset because at most high schools, I would not be able to participate in both soccer and track, as they are in the same season. However, I have learned that at Lutheran if I keep my grades up, I will be able to both play soccer and run track. I love that at Lutheran, I will be able to play all the sports that I enjoy- soccer, basketball, and track- instead of having to give up one or two. Another thing that I like about Lutheran is that it is a smaller school. This means that I won’t get cut from the sports teams, I am an actual person to my teachers and school not just a number-and I can participate more in the school.

Along with LHS giving to me, I believe that I can give to the school as well. I am told that I am gifted academically- especially in math and English. I have scored five grades above my actual grade level on the Iowa Basics Tests. I would like to use my academic skills for LHS on the JETS team, or possible any other academic activities. I have been playing soccer for over six years and have become very familiar with the sport and am a talented player.

I can use my soccer talent on the field for LHS. Also, soccer has given me tons of endurance and speed to use on the track team. I think Lutheran High School is the school that will bring me to my full potential. Lutheran is a Christian school and has a very safe, Christian environment. Good teachers and coaches at LHS help students to learn and do their best in every thing they do.

Lutheran will allow me to participate in many sports and is a smaller school. So, Lutheran High School, what do you think? Is Lutheran the high school for me?