I’ve decided to go to college to be a translator for spanish speaking people. I’ve decided this because ever since I was 9 I’ve had to translate for my family.I lived in Mexico for 9 almost 10 years when we moved to Texas mostly everyone talked Spanish so it wasn’t really a problem. But then my dad got a job offer in Sedan and we decided to move. No one really knew Spanish here so I had to learn English really quickly.

Trying to learn English as fast as I could was hard specially when I had no idea what anyone was saying. Thankfully my teacher and an immigrant program helped me and family get used to everything here. However people will always be mean and racist even if they don’t know how dumb they sound. Do you know how hard it is not to punch people in the face sometimes? Some people just don’t understand how hard it is to move from a completely different country. Just because you are Mexican doesn’t mean you are illegal.

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A lot of Mexican people are legal or were born in the U.S.There are a lot of illegals I’m not saying there isnt but not all of them are “Mexican.” Translating for my family has been one of the things I love to do since I was 10. My mom understands English was always shy to talk since she could get it wrong.This is why I would love to be a translator many people don’t know English and I would love to help them.

Sometimes I think about how hard it was for my mom to learn and I know she is not the only one who struggled doing this. On present day of our 21st century, people all around the world come to the U.S. At first I would just like to translate Spanish but later on I would like to learn more languages: Korean, Japanese, and Italian. I would like to help more people just like I have helped my family.