Organizational Psychology

The sectors of human resource management departments in business organizations have practically evolved through the years of social change. It could not be denied then that because of this evolution, the level of challenges that the said sector of management deals with naturally changes as well. One of the most evident issues that HRD officers handle today is the existence of massive diversity among the workers of business organizations that they may be involved in. Undoubtedly, it could be noticed that the different essential experts in the field of management have tried to establish certain approaches to improving management approaches at present and this includes the utilization of organizational psychology; a facet of management that considers the need to observe the psychological issues that could be used to manifest unity in the business group. In the discussion that follows, the said approach to proper human resource management today shall be presented for issue-clarity.

Introduction The world of business is a constantly evolving arena of change. The ways by which a business organization operates today could be seen to have a great change from the ways by which they are being handled in the past. As globalization opens its doors to the many opportunities of work around the world, it could be observed that the issue on diversity and the cross cultural environment in work areas has become a common ground of situational assessment in the process by which management procedures are handled. Within the discussion that follows, seeing how industrial or organizational psychology is used to maintain organizational power in the middle of the diversification of the environment that the employees and supervisors alike need to live with at work. What is Organizational Psychology? It is mostly noted even with the scientific perspective that human beings tend to act differently when acting inside or in the interest of a social grouping or an organization. This is the main rationale behind the field of organizational psychology aiming to explore and define the characteristics of human individuals inside the organization.

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This field in the scientific study intricate studies that significant concepts and perspective in the realm of human behavior while the subject is acting as part of a whole group determining significant factors that affect his or her actions, interpersonal communication, and behaviors while viewing the subject as an individual in a whole. Generally, this field aims to determine and eventually positively motivate a person’s psychological standing to effectively and efficiently perform inside the group through dealing with the changes, the adaptation necessities, and overcoming the hindrances in every way. At present, the said field is viewed in relation to its application in the actual social system bringing forth the field of industrial-organization psychology. In this field, most of the psychological perception and perspectives are geared towards exploring the nature of human psyche and psychology inside the work environment aiming to motivate each individual for positive effect. The field of industrial-organizational psychology researches on the significant factors that can heighten relational efficiency between each individual inside the workplace while aiming to address the problems that can delimit the said nature such as multiculturalism, diversity, interpersonal conflicts, and others.

In the actual application, the field of industrial-organization psychology aims to create a harmonizing and efficient environment inside the workplace through viewing each person as a valuable individuals merging in a group that realizes the interest and identity of the latter. Through breaking down the delimiting factors and barriers in the group, this line of psychological study believes that the said merge would bring forth a better and more efficient work group in terms of performance and output.The Importance of Organizational/Industrial Psychology in Managing Cross Cultural Diversity To measure the efficiency factor and throughput characteristics of an organization, the field of industrial-organizational psychology uses wide arrays of testing and evaluation approaches that measures and analyzes the organization. Each of these tests is purposely develop to reflect the nature of the organization in each significant stages and region affecting the entirety of it as a whole. Some of these measurement and analysis mediums are often divided categorically based on its approach such as those involving written test evaluation, requiring personal interpersonal evaluation and interview, involving statistical data based on output results, and those that are conducted through using external observation study. All of which though are made to evaluate the performance level and relationship connection inside the group affecting the flow of essential elements such as information, commands, and teamwork of every individual inside the subjected workplace.

As a whole, the field of industrial-organizational psychology aims to make a work environment more productive and efficient through addressing the group in both perspective of collective psychological study and individual perception analysis helping the adaptation and integration of each worker in the group. These three aspects are only some of the many sections that are considered in the field of organizational psychology and the ways by which multiculturalism and diversity at work is being managed. Being able to mandate the differential ways byy which human resources relate towards each other is then considered as an important part of industrial psychology and the procedures by which it is applied in business organizations at present. Aspects of Organizational Psychology In the process of managing business organizations today, it could be noticed that there are different ways of mandating how human individuals are actually to be motivated towards working well as they perform for their responsibilities in the job. The basic necessity is that of the need to keep them united towards one mission of becoming a group that fulfills the different tasks they need to accomplish to be able to make a good sense of their existence in the organization. Among the aspects of organizational psychology that could be considered begins with the personnel recruitment and selection.

Handling this process effectively could actually make a proper and comprehensive manner of picking the right people for the right position and finding them coworkers who would be able to live through their characteristics and differences. Another is that of the performance appraisal management. Through this process, it is intently recommended that the managers try to provide the workers with fine and equal chances of developing as employees who are worth the recognition that they deserve as they make the best of what they have and what they could give to be able to provide the organization with the level of experience expected from them. Another aspect concerns the need to provide individual assessment and psychometrics which could involve the process of imposing regular employee evaluation approaches that are sure to give the employees and the management a chance to see what needs to be improved especially when it comes to the working attitude that each individual has towards the other members of the organization.Conclusions Bridging the gap between employees who came from different countries having different types of personalities is an important part of organizational development. This is especially true when considering the need to unify the organization arises.

A unified organization makes a definite constructive approach in assuring the success that a business group might be able to attain. Practically, the capability of the human individuals to relate to each others’ needs and be able to complement that shortcomings of others is the established focus of organizational or industrial psychology. The immense consideration placed on the need to unify the people working for a certain organizational mission is of course the main concern of many business organizers and business group managers at present. The basic necessity of imposing proper conditions of development and cooperation among the workers is the basic key to organizational success.