Organizational Summary Tangoed

Organizational Summary Tangoed Is a department store chain, that features variety of Items such as clothing, appliances, electronics, and home d©cord. The company’s price policy can be described as moderate, targeting middle- and upper-income customers. Tangoed main characteristic is an “outdoors” theme, that promotes healthy lifestyle. The company also outlines its design concepts’ simplicity and elegance. Tangoed has originally started as a single store, which sold both outdoor clothing and equipment, designed themselves.

The first success was brought to the menders of Tangoed, Tanner Emerson and Thornton Wood, by a unique merchandise personable sales staff. These specific features led to opening several more stores. By the time Tangoed spread out more, the owners were already sure that they have a good strategies regarding employee participation, customer satisfaction, and profitability. This was another reason and a confident step towards further expansion, which presented In purchasing already existing stores, but not building new ones.

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The founders of the company, Emerson and Wood, had been carrying out he managerial functions, however, the corporate administration was a matter of concern.

So, the main priority of the company became the consolidation of its current management strategy. Tangoed is a successful company, that is growing rather quickly, however, the management styles and human resource practices are different depending on the the location and period of establishment. Thus, the main goal of Tangelo’s owners Is seen as restructuring of their corporate culture, making all the departments to use common practices, and aiming towards the same goal and profit.

Comparing with competitive companies, Tangoed is a medium-sized organization with big ambitions and great potential. They use the same layout and provide the same products, which are also offered by genera merchandise retailers, I.

E. Kohl’s or Target. Organizational structure allows all the employees to participate In the decision- making process, moreover, the authorities give financial bonuses to those associates, whose suggestions have been Implemented to life. Emerson and Wood’s philosophy is to get all the employees work 100% of their abilities, which means 50% of execution of instructions, and 50% for employee’s own sections-making.

Profit-sharing for all employees,information on the company’s share price, and overall profitability for each quarter are parts of such philosophy.

Nevertheless, all the new employees, who came as candidates for management positions, are firstly working In the store as associates. This Is considered to be a good way of retaining Tangelo’s distinctive corporate culture. The HRS structure at Tangoed consists of corporate and store-level components. All the information about testing, Interviewing, training, and selecting employees assent from the individual store to the corporate headquarters.

This whole data is collected and statistically analyzed in order to evaluate the general situation and offer new suggestions In order to Increase profits , efficiency, and productivity. All the aspects implementing centralized human resources core.

Thirteen Strategic Staffing Decisions 1 . Acquire or develop Talent This strategy concentrates on acquiring new employees who can do all the necessary job quickly and show great performance from the very first working day, they usually don’t need any specific training or development. He-man, Judge, Smith, ; Summers, 2010, p. 7) This is definitely the most ideal scenario for any business, however, it might take a lot of time and effort in searching of those talents, plus these workers might ask for higher wages, because of their special and highly-qualified skills and abilities. They also might have the values and traditions of their previous workplace, and might not be interested in the new philosophy. This approach seems rather radical, in my opinion, Tangoed needs both very experienced workers, and those, who can be trained from scratch in order to fully et company’s needs and follow the philosophy and values.


Lag or Lead System With staffing as a lag system, organizational plans are developed first, while staffing systems are then developed to obtain quantity and guilty of employees needed. This approach implies the acquisition of people, who are definitely eligible for the position, and so, they bring new ideas, and so the organization becomes the reflection of those talented people. (He-man, Judge, Smith, & Summers, 2010, p. 17) Tangoed wants employees to reflect itself. This one might not be suitable for the given company.

3. External or Internal Hiring The gravitation’s choice whether to hire externally or internally.

If there is a Job vacancy or a new Job, where should the company search for the employees – that is a question. According to Tangelo’s goals and desires regarding the establishment of committed workforce and philosophy’s reflecting employees, internal hiring would be the best option for launching long-term careers within the organization. (He-man, Judge, Smith, ; Summers, 2010, p. 17) However, if Tangoed will keep spreading out, they might also use external hiring , especially if they will be eely created positions for which there are no acceptable internal applicants.

(He-man, Judge, Smith, ; Summers, 2010, p. 7) 4. Core or Flexible Workforce It has been given in the case that Tangoed is interested in regular employees, either full- time or part-time. They entendre workforce for the headquarters and head departments, however, for the sales positions, flexible workers, such as seasonal ones could be used. 5.

Hire or Retain Tangelo is more interested in retaining employees in order to have stable and committed workforce, that would be determined for the same goal. However, it is impossible to keep to only one extreme, that’s one the balance between hiring and retention must be conducted. 6.

National or Global National or global staffing involves organization’s decision to hire people from the same country or from another one. Staffing foreign workers may help to overcome quantity or quality labor shortages, or excessive labor costs. (He-man, Judge, Smith, ; Summers, 2010, p.

17) There is no need for Tangoed to attract development education. 7. Attract or Relocate While an ordinary staffing strategy is aimed to attracting people, there is another way o conduct business – relocate production to another place, or even country, if it is cheaper to bring labor to he organization than to bring the organization to labor. He-man, Judge, Smith, ; Summers, 2010, p. 17) Tangoed, obviously doesn’t need to follow this approach, as it has stores in more than 10 states. 8.

Overstaffed or Understand Overstuffing presumes the bigger number of workers than average in times of organization’s high product demand, whereas “understanding occurs when the organization is confronted with chronic labor shortages, such as is the case for ruses in health Cree facilities”. (He-man, Judge, Smith, ; Summers, 2010, p. 7) These two situations may occur in specific economic conditions, both good and bad, as well as in times when a company wants to prevent layoffs. In case of understanding, such measures as overtime or using flexible staffing arrangement such as temporary employees, can be implied. Tangoed might better stick to the overstuffing strategy, in order to have the devoted staff. 9.

Hire or Acquire This system involves such business deals as a merger or an acquisition. (He-man, Judge, Smith, ; Summers, 2010, p. ) Such type of activity might attract many qualified people at once. The cons of such systems are the following: ?«staffing costs are greater since the acquired employees may have to be provided special compensation incentives to Join the organization?». (He-man, Judge, Smith, ; Summers, 2010, p. 17) The acquisition might also badly influence the employees due to poor person/Job or person/organization fit, and it could also be very time- consuming and costly.

That is why hiring would be more appropriate for Tangoed. 10. Person/Job or Person/Organization Match

This rubrics seems to be the most important for Tangoed, because the authorities want their employees not only to follow the instructions, but also contribute somehow suggestions something and influence the decision-making process. 11. Specific or General Soaks General knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics are more important for Tangoed, as it has been mentioned that it happened often that a candidate with a degree claiming for a managerial position, might start in a store as an associate, in order to be aware of everything.

12. Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce Quality

Tangoed is seeking for the most exceptional workers, in order to correspond with their philosophy regarding employee-customer relationships, which have to be of a really high rate, and of course profit. The acceptable workforce might be rather cheaper than exceptional, but its quality is definitely not that good. 13. Active or Passive Diversity An active diversity would be more relevant in Tangoed’ case, as its merchandise retail is aimed on middle- and upper-income customers, who could be doing absolutely different, but at the same time could have mutual interests in what

Tangoed could offer them, and the diverse staff could contribute by suggesting what is the most in need among certain customers.

Passive strategic approach substantial planning and assimilation activity’. (He-man, Judge, Smith, ; Summers, 2010, p. 17) Targets A target candidate for Tangelo’s sales associate has to be someone who can combine characteristics of a person, who can follow the rules and instructions, and also be able to speak out loud in order to be heard by the management and contribute some really worthy ideas and suggestions.

The candidate has to be ordaining, dedicated to the company, can work both individually and in team. Basic knowledge of math are obligatory, as well as verbal and written skills. Media is the first and the most traditional method of recruiting used by Tangoed.

It can be presented in media advertising, such as print, radio, and television advertising sources. (Icemaker-Mueller, 2006, p. 22) This is an open method of recruiting as any interested individual can apply for the Job.

Referrals are considering the fact that current Tangelo’s employees would encourage their friends to apply for work at he company. Such type of recruiting usually gives financial bonuses to the employees, who actually attracted someone.

I would refer this method to both open and targeted, as on one hand, the company does not looking for someone specifically, however, the authorities approximately know, who would their employees ‘invite’, as they themselves are aware of the internal Job postings and opportunities.

That is why they are really stimulating this process. And on the other hand, this method could be called open, because the company is really not targeting towards some specific candidate. Kiosk is an alternative method of recruiting, it is very cost-efficient, and located in the stores. It is definitely a targeted method of recruitment, as it shows what are the available positions in a certain retail store, and provides an applicant with videos explaining what the Job entails. (Icemaker-Mueller, 2006, p.

2) However, the kiosk does not provide the applicant with an application form, as it has to be completed electronically, and scored automatically. (Ibid, p. 22) It is targeting all the unemployed individuals, who can start the Job soon and might not been need of raining or development. State Job Services is a targeted recruitment. All the necessary qualifications are listed, and a candidate can be provided with some hiring recommendations. It is targeting unemployed people who are willing to work and have some basic set of skills.

Staffing agency is an external source of getting workforce. This is a targeted method, as it ?«is outsourcing the actual selection of candidates to Statecraft, which is a large organization that specializes in locating workers for the retail industry?». (Icemaker-Mueller, 2006, p. 23) Whoever the company is choosing for Tangoed, hey are most likely to keep this employee in a core staff. This type of recruitment is targeting people who already have experience in retail, and want to work in it more.

Division Breakdown Western Washington The most applications were received via Job Service, a little bit less via referrals, however, the retention time was the longest with people who got referrals.

The least number of people and those who lasted in the company was found via media might be considered as a good labor source. Eastern Washington Situation is Eastern Washington is really different from Western because, first of al, there were no usage of Job services, but the most help came from media sources, where more people retained in the company for a year, then in Western Washington.

Again referrals have pretty good numbers, from which we could say that they provided a number of workers a bit smaller than media, but there were much more people who got referrals, who stayed in the company for six months, a year or longer. The observations prove that the biggest number of hired people so far is from referrals. Northern Oregon This region has not used the Job services and referrals.

On the basis of the table, e could say that the biggest success had Job postings in kiosk, and its services, because the highest number of hired and those who stayed for a long time is via kiosk in particular.

There is a tendency so, that media sources provide a lot of applicants and candidates, but not many of them prefer to stay in the company for a long time, full-time. The agency’s services in this case were pretty high too, as many people were hired and many of them decided to work in the company for a year or more. Southern Oregon Sources in Southern Oregon are: referrals, kiosk, and agency. Needless to say, that preferable got good numbers again, however, now agency’s graph shows almost the same numbers as referrals’.