Organizational Turnovers

Purposes: Organizational behavior is defined as the study of relationship between the employer and employees within an organization. This also includes the Cooperation of employees in running an organization as expected. Organizations can sometimes face challenges since the employees have different characters and are from different backgrounds. The organization can also be advantaged because people from different backgrounds have different ideas that can contribute to the growth of the organization. The aim of organizational behaviors is to understand and identifying the factors that influence the behaviors of individuals in an organization.

This helps human resource management professionals with information on how to train employees and relate with them wisely without affecting the organization. This is mostly drawn from sociological and psychological sciences, where by the factors that contribute to the way of thinking of the employees is identified. This helps in providing them with conducive environment and hence creating a favorable relation between the employees and employers. Background: My study team will conduct the research in both governmental organization and private owned organizations. Research Objectives: the aim to the study is to identify the challenges facing organizations and how employees relate with their employers.

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As a child, one is usually determined to study hard so as to secure the future by having a job. Some time this is impossible to achieve because life does not seem to be the way people expect to turn out. Choosing a career is one of the toughest decisions that people make in their lives, and when one decides to abandoned it, there are serious reasons behind it. People usually shift from one career to the other or use the knowledge and skills in starting personal businesses or even shifting from one company to the other. Shifting from one career to the other is a bit discouraging but one may lack other options and decides to do this.

This may be due to lack of job opportunities, harassment and lack of interest with the current job or even change of mind. In other words, this is not only wastage of time but also wastage of money and resources. Literatures review: labor turn over is whereby; the employees migrate from one organization to another maybe because of unsatisfying reason or in search of better wage. Labor turnover can also be described as the period that an individual tend to work in an organization or company. Turnover is categorized as external and internal.

Internal turnover is whereby an employee shifts from the current position to another within an organization. One can either move from a higher position to a lower one or vice versa. Although in most cases, one move to a lower position to the higher ones, in some situation one can be forced to leave the higher positions and move to the lower ones. On the other hand, external turnover is the migration of employees from one company to the other or even leaving a company and prefer being jobless. There are various reasons that contribute to turnovers and most of them are influenced by the environment within the organization (Robbins, 2009, pp.

83). One of the common reasons that lead to labor turnovers is poor salaries which are below, the average rate of pay. The increased economic growth has led to high standards of lifestyle, and sometimes the money paid to employees is not enough to cover the expenses. The employees may either have low professional skills or the company exploits the worker by giving them low wages. In most cases, the employees are well educated, and thought that after some time there will salary increase, and it turns out to be the other way round.

In this case, the employee will still work in the company as he or she search for a better-paying job in other companies. The rise in population and civilization has decreased the rate of job opportunities, and when one is lucky to get one he or she does anything possible to secure it. This is why people will continue working in companies yet, they know they are exploited. Employers have taken advantage of the situation by taking in massive profits yet they poorly pay their employees since they know that they are desperate (Golembiewski, 2001, pp. 54). Lack of experience in certain job may sometime need some training or even assistance since one is not familiar which the job.

This becomes a problem when one is required to perform some jobs and yet there is no training provided. In schools, students are only taught the basic things, and the rest of the skills are attained in jobs. For example, one cannot come directly from a driving school and start carrying other passenger, one must first gain some skills before he or she is ready for the job. In tat case, this means that one is provide with knowledge in school and skills are gained through experience. Most of the companies and organization have been ignorant in training their new employees.

The rise in technological invention has pressured employees very much since they are constantly provided with new equipments and yet they are not trained on how to use them. This is one of the challenges that have been facing employees for a long time forcing to go back to schools or conduct research evey now and then. This has made other people shifting to other careers like teaching whereby there is no such pressure. People even live with the fear of losing a job due to lack of modern skills and replaced by the young generation that is brought up and used to these technological equipments. The issue of leadership has also significantly contributed to labor turnover in many organization and companies.

In most cases employees in an organization always work together as a team under one leader in the aim of achieving the same goal. Operations of the organization cannot run smoothly if the person supervising the activities within the organization has poor leadership qualities such as corruption, and racism. When the leader seems to favor other employees may be through gender, age or race the other employees feel exploited and can shift to other companies if given a chance. Some times the leader elected might allocate difficult tasks to others and favoring the others in return of their personal benefits. This leads to disagreement and discontent of the employees, and if appropriate measure are not put in place after complains the employees may strike or shift to other companies (Tosi, Mero & Rizzo 2000, pp.

63). Managers in organizations and companies pressure the employees by expecting too much from them and discourages them leading to poor performance ability. In most cases, managers either have no idea of how the job is done or, they just want massive profits. The managers have no idea how long the job should take, and they just think that the employees are lazy, yet the employees are giving the best of their abilities. For instance, companies provide its worker with poor tools and yet they pressure them expecting to receive more than what they do. In other words, companies spend very little money in quality management and yet they blame the employees for low profits.

Some times managers demand for unreasonable level of commitment to overtime which is unpaid without considering the rights of employees. The employees are threatened to lose their jobs if they abide to the orders. This influences employees to seek employment elsewhere, where they are sure that they will be secure and away from exploitations. Too much of this pressure can lead to health disorders forcing the employing to take long breaks, quit the job or shift to another job that fits their health condition. In addition to this, many companies have not yet changed even after the intervention of OSHA a government organization formed to protect the rights and especially the health of employees (Thomas, 2006, pp. 92).

High-turnover history in an organization can also be one of the causes of labor turnovers. Every company or organization has its cultures and a unique way of doing such welcoming employees and conducting their activities. For example, when a new employee is told that most of the employees that have worked for the organization do not work for more than a year, the employee will have the mentality that he or she must be a shift to other company in the next two years. This affects the performance ability off the employee since he, or she does not expect so much from the company. They only think that they are there temporarily, and do not put their best abilities in their work. A new employee must take some time before adapting to a new workplace and learn how to relate with the other employees in the company.

This some how delays the development and growth of companies since when the employee is used to work, all over sudden he or she shift to another company. If responsive measures are not taken, the company will end up losing all its workers one day only because of the history of high turnover in the company.Labor turnover is known to be among the major reason in the decline of productivity in many organizations and companies. Constant replacement of employees delays the steps toward the development and growth of companies. Every new employee must take some time in order to get used to a new environment causing the company slow down its activities. Apart from being a disadvantage to a company, labor turnover can sometime be beneficial to the company as well.

This occurs when the company loses a low-performing worker and replaces him or her with a high-performing employee. Before one is cleared form any company, there should be some days off in order to conduct the clearance effectively. This is a immense loss to the company since there is no one yet to represent the gap left. During his time, there is disruption with the routine performances reducing the performance ability of the company. After working for an organization for a long time, one is guaranteed some money when he or she decides to leave the organization. This financially disrupts the budget set for that year, and if many employees decide to leave, the organization may end up running bankrupt.

This is the reason that one is delayed before he or she is cleared from an organization or a company (Wilson, 2001, pp. 102). In most companies, workers have different tasks but work as a team and if one decides to leave there will be delays in completion of the task especially if the employee was a high-performer. As we know, it has been a bit difficult to get or even keep skilled employees due to the stiff competition in various companies. Although people say that there is no employment, organizations are desperately searching for skilled individuals to work for their companies. Here, are the solutions to deal with labor turnover to companies with history of loosing the employees every now and then.

Employers should hold managers responsible for turnovers since they are the ones in charge of supervising the work done by the employees. Even though, some of the turnovers are not caused by the managers, most of them are influenced by the way the manager conduct activities in a company (McKenna, 2000, pp. 56) One of the best solutions to solve this crisis is to provide employees with a proper environment where they can comfortably perform their duties. The employers should not expect much from the employees if the condition of the company and quality of their products are poor. The employees should work comfortably so as to give their best ability in their performance.

It will be hard for them to think of shifting to other companies since they have all they want to give what they have. The employees should also be appreciated by paying them according to their performance. This will make them feel appreciated and will work so hard to attain what they want. They should form a system called peer recognition, whereby people can congratulate each other and are proud of what they do (Greenberg, 2003, pp. 71).

There should be a close and healthy relationship between the employees and employers. The employees should feel free to give out their grievances and the employer should respond by fulfilling their wishes. For instance, there should be a salary increase after some time. This will motivate the employees and will be satisfied with salary they receive. This will be hard for them to move to other organizations or companies. The companies should not stress the employees with loads of tasks, and instead they should make the employees feel comfortable and be in control of what they do.

The employees should not be disappointed by delaying their payments since this can make them find other sources of money (Wilson, 2001, pp. 57). Finally, organizations should hire the best and leave the rest. This will help the company be able to provide quality service to the few instead of hiring many who will be no good to the company. Organization should also provide training sessions for their employees so as to keep them on track to the development of the new technological equipments. This will help them work with ease through the modern equipment without going back to school.

This will make them get used to the work allocated to them and it will be hard for them to leave them and starting a new career or even shifting to other places. However, labor turnover helps one acquire different skills and can be useful when one retires and decides to start his or her businesses. Unfortunately in some countries in Africa some career can not be shifted easily and when one does there is never an opportunity to get another jobs and the only option is to start private owned businesses. Method: Conducting a literature review on organizational labor turnovers. By interviewing employees working in private owned companies, and also those who work in governmental organizations.

The questions asked will be such as:How do they relate with each other in workplaces? How long they have working for the organization? The challenges facing them in their workplaces? The major cause of turnovers. Solutions to labor turnover in organization with history of turnovers Undertake analysis of the field notes and interview notes, guided by labor turnover history. Write a research report that combines my understanding of the data collected in the fields. Timescale:Prepare proposal by 1st January Complete literature review by 15th February Complete fieldwork by 22nd March Complete analysis by 24th May Give presentation on 4th June Complete final report by 16th July. Resources: Nowadays companies and organizations have adapted new methods of ensuring that there are fewer conflicts between employers and the employees within an organization. Success in an organization can never be attained by an individual, and instead it is a cooperation of different fields in the aim of achieving the same goal (John & Saks, 2005, pp.

78). One of the factors that influence close relation in an organization is providing employees with a good environment at workplaces and also providing them with the best and modem tools. This will ease their work and the energy spared can be allocated in other productive activities, in the organization. By doing this, both the organization and employees will benefit, and their cooperation will lead to increase in profits and salary increase to the employees. Although some jobs are considered mere in organizations, the truth is without their contribution, there would be no success. One of the greatest crisis affecting organizations and companies is a high rate of turnover.