Osamu Tezuka

Manga’s are comics created in Japan. They are somewhat similar to American comics but, manga’s are red in reverse, are most often in black and white, and unlike American comics they are written in the Japanese language.

Manga is red by people of all ages and consist of a broad range of genres. The art of manga first originated in the early twelfth century from a famous picture scroll Choja-giga. It was created by Toba S?j? a Japanese astronomer, an artist-monk. He was credited as the artist of the famous picture scroll but there was never a conclusive proof of claim. Osama Tezuka also known as the father of manga was born on November Third, nineteen twenty eight. He was a cartoonist, manga writer/artist, animator, producer, activist, and medical doctor.

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As a child Osama Tezuka was born the eldest son of three children of Tezuka family, in Toyonaka City, Osaka. When he was young he and his mother were very close. She always gave him confidence in himself, and would always tell him stories that would inspire his creativity. His mom would often take him to the Takarazuka Theatre where there were only women actors. Osama was a costume designer there a kid.

He started to draw comics in his second year of elementary school. Later then realized he could use manga as a means of helping to convince people to care about the world. After world war one he created his first piece “Diary of Ma-Chan and then Shin Takarajima (New Treasure Island)”, which began the golden age of manga. When he was younger Tezukas arms swelled arms swelled up and he became ill. He was treated and cured by a doctor, who the inspired him to want to be a doctor.

However, he began his career as a manga artist while being a university student. He was unsure about whether to be a doctor or a manga artist, so he asked his mother. Knowing full well that being a manga artist wouldn’t be much rewarding, she told him “You should work doing the thing you like most of all.” So he chose manga but still decided to obtain his medical degree. Using his medical knowledge and applying it to his sci-fi manga. Mr.

Tezuka then created a manga that would change his life forever. The manga was called Astro Boy. Astro Boy was one of his bestselling mangas and because it was so good, In January nineteen sixty-five Tezuka received a letter from Stanley Kubrick, who had watched Astro Boy and wanted to invite Tezuka to be the art director of his next movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Sadly he could not accept the offer due to not being able to leave his studio for a year because of money. He just decided to continue his career and work with many other new manga artists.

He lived in an apartment building were mostly young manga artist lived, so they all worked together to create new material. On February ninth, nineteen eighty nine, Osama Tezuka died of stomach cancer. His last words were “I’m begging you, let me work!” Osama Tezuka inspired so many upcoming manga artists. He had a museum built for him and his work, and there were stamps also dedicated to him. Later on manufacturers started to turn his creations in to series of figurines, Astro Boy being one. To this day manga is being red and introduce to people around the world.

Mangas makes almost over five billions dollars selling worldwide. Thanks to Osamu Tezuka people can now understand what the purpose of manga is and people can enjoy the wide genres of it.