Pantente Strategy

Pantene’s customized hair care products are based on unique hair structure for beautiful results. For example Color revival is designed to help give color-treated hair a new protective outer layer, leaving hair shiny and vibrant.

As you can see Pantene by using the line extension approach find the gap in Market and provide different variety of shampoo for different hair style and needs and also deliver the value to customer. For females ages 25-35, Pantene Pro-V is the product of hair care that uses key nutrients to create confidence by providing you with silky smooth hair and a fresh scent for a clean.

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The Pantene strategy illustrates the effective use of another fortifying strategy called laddering. One way to ladder is to give multiple reasons to believe brand’s functional benefits. Pantene’s position as providing the healthiest hair was supported not only by its ProV ingredient, but also by the fact that it had different shampoos to make hair softer or feel thicker.

As a matter of fact Pantene deliver the value by using 2 different features like 2 in 1 that create the good image for those who are willing have a shampoo with conditioner in purchase of one item.

For who which are facing hair fall can go for Pentene Pro-V Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo. The brand in this product advertising promise its consumers, “Think your hair is here today and gone tomorrow? Think again. Pantene Anti-Hair Fall strengthens each strand from the root to the tip reducing breakage up to 95% in just 2 washes. Pantene Pro-Vitamin Hair Fall shampoo formulas when used with a Pantene Pro-V conditioner leave hair healthy and strong.