Paraphrase of the Passage

In the absence of technology, the skills that can be acquired academically are certainly bound to be slow to acquire. This necessitates the institutions of higher learning in this case the universities to always ensure that the basic training in computer use especially for those who are illiterate is done. The training ought to ensure that the targeted students get a mastery of use of what is considered basic skills in computing for example the application packages i.

e. PowerPoint and Word processing. Chemistry and physics students also be taught the basic statistics and math. The resources in the APA style page assisted me by providing me with a clear understanding of what is meant by paraphrasing. This was especially through the many excessive that had been posted and which had their corresponding solutions.

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On paraphrasing these posted materials I gradually stated to earn the mastery of paraphrasing and the correct way of citing or providing references to an external source. This was aided by the rich manuals found on OWL. My two paragraphs are different in the sense that they do not contain word by word similarities. However, these two paragraphs are still similar in some sense. This is because the information that is conveyed in the first paragraph is the same information conveyed in the second paragraph only in a paraphrased manner (Zein, 2008).

To ensure the skills in paraphrasing are continually held, I will continue to practice paraphrasing and re-write some more articles in a paraphrased manner. Another well planned strategy would be reading published materials by different authors on the same topic. Since they are different, then they would have conveyed the same idea in different ways. This would give me further knowledge on how to address a point using different words but be able to carry the same meaning.