Lesson Plan Based on Nlp

Lesson Plan 1. Teacher name : Min, Seung-hyun(Austin) 2. Date & Time : May 28, 2013 1:20~1:40 P. M. 3.

Text & Unit : Lesson 6 Life Without Sight (Jihak Publishing Middle School English ) 4. Target Students : Middle School 8th graders Target Level| Beginning to Advanced| Number of Students| 34 (Male :24 Female : 10)| Teaching objectives| 1. Students will be able to learn new words that are vital for understanding the context. 2. Students will be able to make new sentences using the new words.

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. Students will be able to skim the passage by guessing the subtitles of paragraphs and by arranging jumbled paragraphs. 4. Students will be able to scan the passage by answering true or false questions and by completing a graphic organizer. | Goal| The purpose of this lesson is to allow Ss to gain further understanding of the disabled person by reading the passage thoroughly and let Ss think about the goodness of their life. Eventually, help Ss to overcome the obstacles in their life.

| Procedure| Activities| Materials| | Teacher & Students| Interaction| | Intro-duction(4)| Greetings &Roll call(1)| – Greeting and checking the attendance| -T > Ss| Attendance list| | Check Objectives(1)| – T indicates what Ss will learn throughout today’s project, and read out loud together| – T > Ss| Computer,Projector. | | Warm-up(2)| – To engage Ss into the lesson, and activate Ss’ general schemata on the topic- Use blindfold and let Ss feel the difficulty of being disabled person. Look at the pictures of people who overcome their disability and activate Ss schemata. | – T > Ss| Computer, Projector, Blindfold. | Develop-ment(10)| Building Vocabulary(3)| – Let Ss guess the meaning of some new words from this lesson by matching a word to its meaning and antonym.

– Ss form a group with the partners who have the meaning and antonym and make a sentence using that word. – T – Ss- S – S| Word Cards| | Skimming(4)| – T distribute a part of paragraph to each groups- Let Ss find the appropriate subtitle for the given paragraph of the passage. – T distribute rest of paragraph to Ss- Let Ss put the paragraphs in the right order.. | – T > Ss- S – S| HandoutsPPT| | Scanning(3)| – Let Ss answer true or false questions which are based on the specific information.

| – T – Ss| HandoutPPT| Consolidation(6)| Proverb title game (3)| – Distribute a proverb which has been cut into 10 titles to Ss. If Ss succeed to unscramble the titles, they get a series of symbols. Each symbols stands for a letter of the alphabet. – the first person to write down the word on the board wins the game| – T > Ss- Ss – Ss| Handout| | Giving Assignments(2)| – Give an assignment for the next class. – Let Ss post their assignments on the blog- overview of today’s lesson| – T – Ss| | | Farewell(1)| – Finishing the class| – T – Ss| |