Essay on Paying College Athletes

Some college students love to play sports! They might of even gotten a scholarship for it, but imagine getting paid for doing something you’re good at! The thing is, what about your education? Many people disagree about paying college athletes because most students in colleges might work harder than them but don’t even get paid for it. Others disagree, they say by paying college athletes can come with tons of benefits. For example this could provide the needed income for student players, this can benefit to them because that can pay all the other teams that aren’t promoted or sponsored. A lot of people might say that it’s a waste of money, but if they pay college athletes the rest of the profit can be distributed through school needs that can help make the school a better place for everyone.

This can also help a student’s health. By paying any college athlete can encourage other students to join a sport because there are two rewards from doing so, one is getting paid, two is having a healthy body which is a good benefit from playing a sport. This can attract talent! Some people you never knew that could play a specific sport can! They could come out of their shell because they have motivation to play sports that can help them out if needed. By paying those student athletes can help pay any money they owe to the college or something they need. Other colleges might not have enough money to afford it or they are too afraid that they are going too over spent.

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There is thing in the called a salary cap. Every college that has sports included should have one. This can help them save money and it can be split individually. With the leftover money can be put into the University to help them out or be put into a savings for the next year. This can also be fair because some players might get paid more because of how hard they work, the people who didn’t try in the sport should get paid less because what’s the point of paying players who don’t even try in a game.

It would be unfair for people to do that. Also it could save you a lot of save you students because by paying college athletes can stop corruption from other agents trying to bribe them. With paying college athletes can help players stay instead of being bribed or persuaded them to join another team. There are many more reasons why colleges should pay college student’s to play, but not everyone is going to have this type of opportunity to should their what the love. Playing sports can help express people and show them that they are trying their best to have a better future. That’s all that really matters.

This is why I say colleges should pay student athletes.