Company: ActionPointCustomer: PayMyBills.comSubmitted by: Byline PRActionPoint’s software InputAccel enables Imaging Acceptance Corporation (IAC) to deliver a complete solution for, the premier online bill management service — 100% bill presentment and payment over the Internet, offering consumers a safe, fast, and paperless experience. IAC, a leading Web content loading and hosting service provider, has standardized on Input Software’s technology for its e-business-to-business outsourcing allows consumers to securely view and pay all their bills using the Internet.

“Today, there are approximately 3 million billers in the U.S., but only about 50 of them are able to send bills electronically,” said John Tedesco, CEO of “That means that virtually all bills today get delivered to consumers on paper. IAC’s use of ActionPoint’s technology has been instrumental in getting all our customer’s bills up on our secure Web site for their review and payment authorization, enabling us to offer a complete solution for simple, fast, and paperless bill management.

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“”ActionPoint’s Software’s technology lets us provide high value, cost-effective, and differentiated e-business service offerings,” said Bethann Rome, IAC President. “We’re looking forward to the upcoming release of Input’s new DynamicInput™ product, which will help our customers bring even more complex business transactions to the Web.” DynamicInput, an extension of the InputAccel information capture solution, is an XML-based software product that will replace today’s static Web forms with personalized, intelligent interactions. DynamicInput enriches eCommerce customer relationships, which will help reduce online transaction abandon rates and increase eSales.

Actionpoint Software Technology Drives E-Bill Offerings has partnered with IAC for Web site content loading and presentation. customers instruct their creditors to send their billing information to IAC. IAC staff opens the bills, uses high speed scanners and InputAccel software to convert them to digital images and data, then uploads it all to’s web services portal. Users then receive an e-mail notification to log-on to their account, review their bills, and tell PayMyBills how and when to pay them.”Historically, InputAccel has brought significant productivity advantages to back-office applications such as human resources, accounts payable, customer support, and other enterprise systems,” said Kimra Hawley, President and CEO of Input Software.

“We are now seeing a new set of customers use InputAccel technology for front-office and e-commerce applications, such as electronic bill presentment, eCRM, and selling complex products over the Web. We’re very pleased to see InputAccel emerging as a key enabler for these new kinds of e-businesses.”

ActionPoint Software’s Technology Lets IAC Provide New E-Commerce Services

As a leading provider of content loading systems and services for the Internet and corporate intranets, IAC depends on high-performance, flexible, and reliable technology. “We really like the way we can mold InputAccel into highly customized solutions, usually in just a few hours,” said Thomas Ketcham, Chief Technology Officer, at IAC. “That means we can get our e-business customers up and running very quickly, and can rapidly respond to new requirements and unforeseen spikes in volume.”ActionPoint Software technology has enabled IAC to provide new kinds of e-commerce services to their customers.

“With the explosion of the Internet, many people think that all information is in a digital format,” added Rome. “However, our customers in the financial services, medical, legal, and insurance industries must manage very high volumes of business-critical information that comes to them in paper, fax, or microfilm format.” IAC has standardized on ActionPoint Software’s technology for its e-business-to-business outsourcing services programs.