Phone Usage Taking Away Classroom Time

Phone Usage Taking Away From Classroom Focus Many students are tied down to their phones during class.

Phone usage in class maybe helpful at times; however, it can also be a distraction. Miaya, a sophomore says, “I do check my phone in class, but the amount of times I will check it depends on what we are doing. If we are taking notes or the teacher is giving a lecture, I do not check it. But if we are not doing anything, then I probably check it three to six times.” Phones originally were not allowed at our school at all.

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The rule was changed to allow phone usage in the hallways and during lunch periods. Now, the rule is that you may have your phone in class, but if the teacher does not allow it, the phone should not be taken out. Austin, a junior says, “I check my phone every class period, numerous times. However, I do not think that if I were to stop checking it so often my grades would improve because my phone usage in class does not correlate to my level of knowledge.” Emily, a junior says, “I completely believe that if I never checked my phone during class, my grades would greatly improve.

My phone is a huge distraction while I am trying to learn in class.” Maiya says, “I do not necessarily believe that if I did not check my phone during class it would change my grades at all. If I am not engaged in what is being taught at the moment, then I would not being paying attention with or without my phone.” It is also questioned whether it is fair that some teachers allow phone usage in class in some do not. While many teachers do not allow phone usage students still do not follow the rules. Emily says, “Most of my teachers are pretty cool about it but some of my teachers are very strict when it comes to phone usage.

If my teacher does not allow it and I happen to be talking or texting someone I will probably still use my phone in class. It also depends if I am willing to have the risk of getting my phone taken away.”