Phones in School

When I was in 7th grade, I forgot to put my baseball bat and helmet in my bag to bring to school. I had a practice after school, and their was no way for me to get the equipment in time for the practice. Luckily, I had my phone and I was able to contact my parents to bring me the equipment.

The phone really helped me in this situation because I was able to ask my parents to bring me equipment. Students should be allowed to carry their phones around school because it provides safety in threatening situations, allows parents to contact their child, and can make children feel more comfortable. First, phones can be of great use in a dangerous situation because the student can quickly contact an authority that can come help. In addition to contacting an authority, the student can also contact a parent. When an incident occurs in the school, the most important factor is that the students are safe. In order for them to be entirely safe, they must be able to have a device on them that can quickly contact an authority.

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It is faster for the student to get their phone out of their pocket than the teacher having to go to their phone (School Security).Not only will the student be personally contacting an authority, but it will be faster than the teacher contacting an authority. That could mean that the police could get to the situation faster, which could help the situation. The student can also take on a responsibility while acting bravely in these situations. This is a good time for a student to take responsibility for themselves, because later on in life they might have to make a call on their own. Not only will the child save their fellow students in the dangerous event, but they will gain more knowledge in how to react in this situation.

However, teachers say that if students were on phones during an emergency, that they can get distracted, and would not follow the correct protocol. But, even if the student is on the phone they will still be aware of what is going on in their surroundings with knowing how to handle it. Every school is required to do many drills during the year, so students are aware of what to do. To summarize, phones can be a great tool for safety if the child has the opportunity to carry a phone during school. Also, if the students have the option to carry their phones around school, their parents will easily be able to contact them. Parents might feel that their child is under pressure, or in danger, so they could text them to try and make them feel better.

Children need to feel comfortable and safe, and need to be able to contact their parents during school. Not only can they help in an emergency situation, but also in just making sure they are safe. The parent can also see where their student is because of the gps system on the phone (Sciences Opposing). So in order for the parent to be completely sure the student is in school and doing what they are supposed to be doing, the parents must be able to contact the student. They can see if they are ditching school or going somewhere they should not be going.

A student can also contact a parent in case of a schedule change with an after school activity. The child attending the school might have an after school activity or something in that nature. However, if there is rain, or if something gets changed, it is up to the student to tell the parents. The school is not going to contact every parent, so in order for them to be informed about the time change, the student must contact a parent during school. Others say that the parents will distract the students from their work of parents are texting them. If the child is responsible, and knows when to use their phone, then that would not be a problem.

If the student wants to slack off and just go on their phone, then that is their fault. But, the students should get the chance to be responsible, and manage their time wisely. After all, the parents and children should be given the opportunity to communicate with each other during the day. In addition, students can feel more comfortable during school if they have their phones on them, because they have a safe way to contact anyone. Students will feel safer which can make them feel better during the day.

If a child is upset all day and mentally not prepared to learn, they will not succeed. Feeling safe can make the child more focused in school, and help them perform better. The child can look up more information in class that can back the teacher up. This can not only make the child smarter because they know they are not learning false information. But it will also make them feel more comfortable, because they know that they will be on top of their work. when a student has their phone on them they can always text their parents and ask them if their ok.

The reassurance of knowing that your parents and family are safe can make the child feel better and more prepared for learning experiences. During the school day if the student keeps thinking his family is not safe or in danger, it will be very hard for him to concentrate in school. So in order for the student to have their mind fully focused they must be able to check in with their family to see how they are. Although some schools do not agree, and they think that the students will play games and go off topic if they have thier phones (Times). However, the teacher should be able to be aware of what the student is doing with their device. So if the teachers were more aware of what is going on in that class, that should not be a problem.

Overall, if the student carries their phone on them during school, it can make them more comfortable and help them retain more information. As aforementioned, students need to be provided with their phones during school. In order for students to feel completely safe, allow parents to contact them, and call an authority in danger, they must be able to carry their phone. Having phones on students will not only make the children more comfortable, but it will also help in dangerous incidents. It can also help students for the rest of their lives, because they could learn more information by looking it up that can help them retain more information. Not only can their be scheduled changes that you have to inform your parents about, but also can make a child feel more safe and comfortable.

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